Monday, April 04, 2016

Monday Memes: Iron Man

Hey it's monday!!!! And you know what that means don't ya' ? Of course you do, it's time for another edition of Monday Memes.

Today, it's all about Iron Man and one of the things he loves almost as much as himself and

Hmmm, don't remember this scene....Must've been in that one issue of Astonishing STD Tales,
 #69 I think it was;)

My Swag so far this month has only been one find, but one very important find for yours truly nonetheless....

Yup, the new ML Venom figure.

Been hunting him for a bit, but thanks to a good buddy and fellow Plastic Crack Addict, he let me know my local Wal-Mart just received a fresh case of this wave of figures, and this little guy just happened to be in it.
Now sure, technically I didn't need him since I already built the Absorbing Man BAF, but look at him!!!

He's a thing of beauty, an updated and better articulated version of an old Toy Biz Venom figure I used to have as a kid:

Here's the same figure, but the feature is slime/squirting feature is slightly different from the figure above, but I never had this one:

Oh and this one too:

Never had this one, but I wish it did since it was better articulated than the one I had.

But back to my Venom, again I guess I didn't "really" need him, but he's a damn fine-looking figure, and compliments the rest of my ML figures, especially my other Venom figures.
Does he replace my Marvel Select Venom figure as the best Venom figure I currently own?

Apples and Oranges really, I mean look at the beast that is the MS Venom:

And he is taller, like a good inch or more taller than the latest ML one, but still....I think for now the new addition's king.


The King of Thessaly said...

I love how Venom has the popular tentacle-tongue head sculpt, and the classic McFarlane grinning head too.

Dale Bagwell said...

Me too man. The Marvel Select version is better overall, but damn if there's no denying how cool it is to get a Venom figure like the new one. Sure, he's basically the cheaper, and cheaplier made Venom figure, but I like him. And you can reuse those same MS Venom parts on the new ML Venom figure, so there's that too.

The King of Thessaly said...

Yeah, the highlight of that other one is The Madness add-on head(s)... But I recall an actual The Madness figure back in the day.

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