Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Dream Waves: Deadpool Wave

Happy Hump Day!!!!!

Welcome to another edition of Dream Waves, where I present my ideal dream waves of figures I'd love to see and on the shelves.

Today I'm presenting a Dream Wave for the Marvel Legends line that's specifically about Deadpool with some Weapon X flavor thrown in there.
Probably should've been more timely and wrote about this during Deadpool movie fever, but it's here now. So, let's get to it shall we?

1). Deadpool:
Can't have a Deadpool-centric wave without a Deadpool figure to represent right?
I have a few choices though since after this next upcoming X-wave, we'll be up-to-date on Deadpool figures.

Battle-Damaged Deadpool:

Based-off his numerous battle-damaged appearances and one of my favorite Deadpool figures, I submit this version of 'Pool. Coming complete with two alternative heads and hands, I think this 'Pool figure would sell pretty well.

Black and Red reversed Deadpool:

One of the last legit costumes they haven't made into a figure yet, this version simply reverses his usual color scheme.


I don't know how popular this particular version of Deadpool is, but this brief version based of his appearance post-AXIS could still sell. I mean shit, it's Deadpool. It'll sell.

2). Siryn:

Teresa Rourke, Banshee's daughter, is one of 'Pool's earliest crushes and one of the main people in his life responsible for setting 'Pool on the path of the angels.
She's had multiple costumes over the years, so anyone would probably be fine, but personally I'd go for the green and yellow one she adapted from her father.

3). Copycat:

Gotta' include Wade's main squeeze right? She's never had her own figure that I'm aware of, and this would solve that problem. Since Copycat really doesn't have a signature costume per say, I guess the only new part Hasbro would have to worry about making his the head. Otherwise I don't see why they can't re-use the popular Black Widow body buck for the rest of her.
Throw in an alternative head or two, like a Domino referencing her first appearance, and we're all set.

4). Kane Garrison:

Kane Garrison was a sometimes friend, sometimes enemy who was also once a romantic rival for 'Pool's ex, Copycat's affections. Haven't seen a figure of him since the 90's, so why not re-introduce him to a whole new generation of potential fans, and throw us older ones a friggin' 90's bone by making a ML one. Plus he takes the spot that Hasbro would probably fill with another Cable figure.

Hell I'd even take a straight up reproduction of this his last one from Toy Biz:

5). Maverick:

Ah Maverick. He's one the few last creations from the 90's not to resurface lately, whether it be in comics or action figures. Now I know he's gone through a whole bunch of changes since Jim Lee drew back in 1992, as he became later became Agent Zero, but damnit I want a maverick figure! And yes, we got one back in the 90's, but fuck it man! It's time to bring him back. And

Here's a sweet, sweet custom to show Hasbro how it's done:

6). Hydra Soldier Bob:

How can you have a Deadpool wave and not include this guy? He's an easy make, since they just put out a generic Hydra figure recently, so a slight adjustment, and faster than you can say Bob's your uncle, You have one of 'Pool's best-est buddies, Bob.

Here's some really cool customs for inspiration:

7). Marrow:

In desperate need of an updated figure, Marrow would be a cool addition to round out the wave.
And hey, who wouldn't want a chick with a thing for boners?;)
But which look? I guess maybe a mash-up of her classic look and the one Alan Davis gave her?

BAF: Ajax

Gotta' have a big bad right? Why not Deadpool's cinematic big bad like Ajax?
Since a lot of his other nemesis have either been already made or not worth making, might as well make the most out of whatever name recognition he's got, while he's got it.

So whatta' guys think?
Anybody I might've left out?


The King of Thessaly said...

I don't think we'll have a shortage of Deadpool merchandise for a long, long time now... I'd say an entire Deadpool and/or X-Force line is an inevitability.

Dale Bagwell said...

That really depends all on Permuletter and Marvel and how much Deadpool and X-related merch they're willing to put to the masses. We'll see, but otherwise I definitely agree with you.

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