Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Dream Waves: 90's-Centric ML Wave

Happy Hump Day!

So today I'm officially debuting a new feature/column here at the House Of Fun, one that dedicated exclusively to showcasing what are my dream waves for future Marvel Legends waves.
Before I use to do this under the Top 10 Lists banner, but this feels more appropriate.

Today I'm starting off this new column with a trip to the 90's, specifically the 90's era of the MU, and trust me, that was a true mixed bag of characters and concepts where some worked, and some didn't.
Now since there was so many characters to chose from from that decade that I'd love to see made as action figures, I went ahead and came up with 2, yes 2 90's-centric waves.

And as a personal rule that I'm going to try and hold myself to, as with most waves, there's a balance there in the roster where you get maybe about 3-4 heroes, and the rest are villains. This isn't always the case, but for the sake being fair and to get the most out of these waves, that's the formula I'll try to stick to.

And as a quick reminder for those who don't already know, a wave or set of figures usually includes 6-7 figures and a BAF, or build-a-figure.

Got it? Good.

Here we go......

90's-Centric Wave 1:

1). Sleepwalker

2). Darkhawk (Classic)

3). U.S. Agent (Classic/re-do)

4). Drax The Destroyer (Bulked up) includes, multiple hands including a pair of glowing fists.

5). Major Victory

Two versions to go with and while I'll go with the first masked one, this custom I recently saw of the unmasked, bandanna-wearing version looks good too.

6). Magnus (With 2 heads; one his original afro, and the other his 90's ponytail look)

7). The X-Cutioner

I'd prefer a Marvel Legends version of the old Toy Biz figure, complete with a snap on version of his hood. Hell throw in an extra removable head too.

BAF: Caliban

90's-Centric Wave 2:

1). Deathlok (Classic, and maybe with the original's flag on his suit)

2). Nova (Classic)

3). Quasar (Operation Galactic Storm-era costume)
4). Thunderstrike

5). The Living Laser (90's Laser form)

6). Black Tom (Adapted straight from his 90's Toy Biz X-Men line figure)

7). Diamondback (Classic)

I think Diamondback's due for her own figure, since she's one of Cap's exes and a member of the Serpent Society, so double win here.

BAF: Doppelganger

Those are my 90's dream waves so far, what's yours?


The King of Thessaly said...

OH MY GOD! -I think I came.

Dale Bagwell said...

LOL! You're welcome. You can leave a tip in my jar, and no that's not a gay innuendo;)

The King of Thessaly said...

Yeah, Dude- SO many favorites on this list. FUCK.
I actually hope they don't make any of these- because I can't afford it! I'd be out on the streets like "BUT LOOK AT MY TOYS!!!"

Dale Bagwell said...

That's pretty much me at this point. I went from slim pickens and droughtsville to major massive flood, and my wallet is begging me to put it out of its misery. Damn you Marvel/Hasbro and your nefarious schemes! You know I don't buy your comics like I used to, but you have me hooked with your sweet, sweet figures.

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