Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Roast Me: The Gentlemen Ghost

Who's up for another fun edition of Roast Me?

I knew you would be;)
This time it's the Gentlemen Ghost's turn, and I can't wait to see who he's roasted.

Hey, he took all that pretty well, all things considered....

Speaking of things looking good so far, have you guys checked out the newly-released images for the Rebirth project at DC?
I gotta' say, this is probably the first time in a looooong time, where I'm not immediately shitting on them, especially with this hundred-millionth soft reboot.

The new creative teams looks good, as do most importantly for me, the costumes.
Finally, we're getting the types of modern redesigns to the classic and iconic looks that we all grew up  on,

Now was you can see, the Big 3, are finally looking like their iconic selves (Well Superman and WW finally) with Superman's new look being a more modern approach to his classic look, and definitely borrowing a little from his movie look. I don't mind it, as that's exactly what Marvel's doing on their end, but this just looks better. Must just be me, but I approve. And if you go to various other news sites you'll other examples of new updates. Not everyone got them, but most did, and those that did, needed them badly, as was especially the case for Superman and WW. Now they finally look how they should.

My thing is okay, everything sounds good, but how long before Didio and Friends fuck it all up?
Who knows, but hopefully Johns reins them in enough to delay any significant fuck ups for awhile. For me, like it is for DC, it's a fresh chance art fixing a lot of mistakes, both old and recent. Don't fuck it up DC!!!!

Also, I wonder how long the bi-monthly thing works out for them. Sure they're mostly going down to $2.99 an issue, but at twice a month, that's still more readers have to pay versus at Marvel or anywhere else. So I'm very curious how long this whole bi-monthly schedule holds. Not that its anything new mind you, as Marvel and DC both used to do this years ago, its just possibly too much to ask of new and old readers. Maybe not, we'll see. But for DC's sake, I truly hope this works.

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