Monday, May 04, 2015

Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Foot?

What's Up People?

And how was your Free Comic Book Day weekend?

Well, yours truly definitely made out like a bandit.
Check out my Swag from this weekend courtesy of not one, but two stores:

The Sandman: Overture#'s 3 and 4(already had #3:(  ) Blue Beetle: Convergence#1, Hawkman: Convergence#1

Crime Syndicate: Convergence#1, Plastic Man And the Freedom Fighters: Convergence#1, and Marvel Zombies TPB(Free w/the purchase of another trade I bought)

Avengers: X-Sanction#'s1, 2, 4, New Avengers#44

Batman#40, Twilight#'s 1 and 3

Jack of Hearts mini#'s 1-2, All-Star Superman#10, Avengers#34

(I just know somewhere out there, Shlomo's rolling his eyes so hard they're popping out of their sockets at the fact that I just now own some issues of that first Jack of Hearts mini-series;)

All-Star Superman#'s 4, 7-8, Hawkman Secret Files and Origins#1

All-Star Superman#'s 2-3, Marvel Boy#5, Secret Origins (Vol.1)#35

Marvel Boy#'s 2,6, Avengers#44, Sword of the Atom Special#1

All-Star Superman#5, John Byrne's OMAC#'s 1-3

FCBD editions of Savage Dragon, Transformers: Robots in Disguise, Fight Club, 2000AD, and Bloodshot Reborn#1

My Girl's SWAG:

Witchblade/Wolverine#1, House of M#1, Lady Mechanika#1, Jem and the Holograms#2

Ultimate Mystery mini#'s 1-4

Madame Xanadu mini#1, Avengers: Rogue Planet#1, Aria: The Uses Of Enchantment#1, 2 Tangent Universe Flash one-shots(for the price of 1)

Catwoman: Convergence#1, The Shade#3, Inhuman#1, Zombie Trap trade Vol.2

The Shade#'s1-2, The Emerald City Of Oz#1, Waterloo Sunset TPB

Free Comic Book Day editions of Divergence, Steampunk Goldilocks, Secret Wars#0, and Grimm's Fairy Tales: Wonderland

House of M: Masters of Evil#1, Skaar: King of the Savage Land#1

So yeah, overall damn good stack of reading material right?

The only regret I have is buying the Avengers: X-Sanction issues, because quite frankly they sucked. Hard.
Should've known it'd be bad since Jeph Loeb wrote it(his recent stuff stinks horribly) but gave it a try since Ed McGuinness drew it. Yeah, bad. Just bad. And basically the last issue makes the purpose of the story moot, meaning the whole thing meant absolutely nothing.

Fuck you Jeph Loeb! You Fucking Hack!
Stick to being the "story consultant" on Marvel tv/movie prjects, because you're clearly burned out as a writer these days.

Anyhoo, skit time kiddies!

The End.

Looks like Spidey did it again. Last time he mistook the Sportsmaster for Jason Voorhees. Now Alpha Flight's Sasquatch for Bigfoot? Methinks maybe that fresh air isn't as good for Spidey as he thought.

BTW, I picked up ol' Sasquatch for a mere buck two weeks ago at a local thrift store. He was in a big of misc. toys. Now that my friends, is what you call a find.

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