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Back-Issue Spotlight: Silver Surfer#55 (Vol.3)

Happy Hump Day People:)

Truer than is should be

 All things considered, Thanos seemed way too calm about the entire MU dying.
I guess that's because he's been there before, but back then, he was in charge.

Case in point, The Infinity Gauntlet.

Back in 1991, Jim Starlin returned to Marvel to follow up on the importance of the Infinity Gems that he introduced years before, and by doing so, he wrote Thanos collecting them all Pokemon-style and fastening them onto a guantlet.

He was essentially God.

That brings us to today's edition of Back-Issue Spotlight, where I focus on the IG tie-ins, specifically the Silver Surfer issues.

Today is part one of those tie-ins, Silver Surfer#55.

Silver Surfer#55 (Vol.3) (Sep '91) "The Universe According To Thanos: Part 1 Genesis" By Ron Marz And Ron Lim.

I don't know how in synch Ron Marz and Jim Starlin were right before IG, but if you were a regular reader around the time that Marz took over for Starlin, than you'd see Thanos had been working his way up to this point for a long while.

 The late 40's, were about Warlock coming back onto the scene after a long self-exile because Thanos himself had also returned.
And now Thanos had the all-powerful Infinity Guantlet in his possession....and the entire MU was fucked.
Running concurrently with the main event title, this issue focuses on the inital attack on Thanos by the Marvel heroes from the Silver Surfer's point of of view. And much like we saw in Infinity Guantlet#3, it doesn't go well for them:

So yeah, they're not doing too hot.

Warlock sends Surfer in too late, and after seeing what Thanos has done, Surfer and Warlock fall apart.
Thanos takes out Warlock, the same way Warlock did him years earlier.

 By turning him to stone. Is that called Irony, or just revenge? Hmmm.
After disposing of Mephisto too, that just leaves Surfer.

Of course Thanos decides instead of just killing Surfer right there and then, he'll make him suffer by letting him live to see what he plans on doing next. And he does, after causually stripping the Surfer of his powers.

Thanos uses the Infinity gems to remake the universe in his own image. 
              And by doing so, re-creates the universe into a giant slaughterhouse as tribute to his girl Death.
             Any life is created are soley used and treated like cattle; meant to die as a means of honoring her.

At this moment, Surfer knows all is lost.

The next part after this is all about the Surfer trying to fight Thanos and end this nightmare only for him to's all a dream. Yeah, totall DALLAS ending here folks.

All-in-all, a really good read....that is if you enjoy the Surfer being psychologically assaulted, then yeah, good clean fun or the whole family;)

And again, in respect to what's going on with the whole Secret Wars thing, for Thanos when you've already had the power of a God, everything lese after that just isn't that important I guess.


The King of Thessaly said...

Excellent spotlight! Marz and Lim's Surfer was THE BEST. One of my favorite comic runs of all-time.

I'm only just realizing now... but Thanos sure gets turned to stone a lot.

Man, so far- Secret Wars is blowing Convergence out of the water... As usual: Marvel plans everything out, almost too meticulously- for years even... While DC just rushes in head-first with no plan, or cohesive editing at all.
-How are you liking either?

Dale Bagwell said...

That was defintily my preferred run too as a kid. Once Lim left, followed very quickly my Marz, I dropped the book toot sweet, and it apppears a lot of fans did too.

I don't get the whole stone thing either, other than his face matches, so maybe he has a secret fetish besides Death.

SW does indeed blow Convergance out of the water. I did buy a few Convergance tie-ins, but even with the nostalgia factor(I'm a sucker for that 94 Gl era despite how badly it treated Hal), I know they weren't going to mean much....and I was proven right.
Looks like Parallax might save the day again ala Final Night, but they'll be kept around for future use?
I thought a good majority of them would be killed off per Dildo's statements and interviews, but there was a big about face(so far) ever sinc SW. I think personally, since there will be a few multiverse versions of MU charcatsr surviving post SW(don't know how many) DC scrambled to do the same. Again we'll see, but yeah.
Plus I'm super curious how long the after-effects of SW will last. Lots of questions man.
But so far, I'm seeing the SW tie-ins are of extremely better quality and edited than the Convergance ones.
You buy any of either(well the SW ones haven't come out yet) but what looks good to you?

The 1872, Old Man Logan, Squadron Supreme, X-Men '92, and Inferno and X-Tinction Agenda ones look interesting to me.

The King of Thessaly said...

I read all of Convergence... (I'll finish what's left to come out) It was not very good. Had some sweet moments... but the excessively sentimental endings and completely incoherent/inconsistent editing/plot ruined what could have been a pretty decent story. I absolutely LOVED how Parallax was used. And I loved how Warlord and especially Deimos were front and center!

Secret Wars is an odd duck. I like that it's Doom... because of course it's Doom. Makes sense. There are quite a few tie-in issues out now, but I've only read SW #1, and the new Spider-Verse so far. I was very disappointed by the horrendous art in Spider-Verse. I'm also looking forward to Old Man Logan. Also Renew Your Vows, and Future Imperfect. And the Age of Apocalypse one... I'll read 'em all, I mean- why not. But just like Convergence: if it sucks- I'll stop paying for it.

I loved catching up on New Avengers to get ready for this. -Hated that it kept getting interrupted by other events and crossovers though...

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