Tuesday, May 26, 2015

"Swiper No Swiping"

The End

A rather quick and probably illogical escalation of events, but fuck it, it's pseudo comics right? Not like that;s never happened before.

I'm proud to say these are just two of a very small handful of Transformer figures that I've managed to keep from my childhood. I used to have much more than that, as I was a HUGE Transformers and G.I.Joe fan back in the day.
And of course, as you can see, ol' Sidwswipe and Jazz have seen better days. Hell, Jazz is "borrowing" Starscream's leg, so maybe he should turn himself in as well?;)

These two come from a short-lived wave of non-transformable Transformer figures. They were decent enough for the time, but I wonder now what the hell I was thinking buying them when they didn't even transform. What can I say, I was a dumb kid sometimes back then.

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