Thursday, May 14, 2015

Fantasy Team-Up: Thanos and the Black Hand


So how about that Arrow season finale huh?


Everything seemed to get wrapped up nicely at the end, and we all saw where the various members of Team Arrow will be positioned come season 4 in the fall.


So, on the plane ride to dump the Omega Virus on Starling City, Ollie turns on Ra's and after they fight, is able to(with the help of Nyssa) land the plane.
Anybody else watching those scenes think about that tme back in the mid-90's when Ollie "lost his life" trying to divert a bomb in a plane from hitting Metroplolis in Green Arrow(Vol.1)#100? I know I did.

Anyhoo, back ot Team Arrow, who were exposed to the Omega Virus by Ollie and left for dead.
They wake up wondering why that is when <erlyin reveals that He secretly innoculated them using Ollie's already vaccinated blood..


when the fuck did this happen? I thought for sure they were dosed with sleeping gas, not the real virus.
Damn Ollie, that's fucking cold brah. No wonder Diggle doesn't just up and forgive so easily this time. I know I'd be damn hesitant to after that.

The Flash shows up long enough to bail everyone out before going back to his season finale.
Nice of you to stop by Barry.

From there, its a race to stop Ra's from once again trying to poison the city.
Thea shows up in Roy's not-that-old outfit to save Diggle's ass, and it all leads to the final showdown between Ra's and Ollie.

It was a pretty decent fight, but really anti-climatic since you knew Ollie would win...and he does by killing Ra's.
Ra's give his Ra's ring, meanining despite what he just did, Ollie's still the next Ra's.

By the way, we saw Ra's get killed, but what about his body? It just seemed to skip everybody's mind I guess. I mean, this is fucking Ra's Al Guhl we're talking about. Properly disposing his body and makiing sure he'll never be dipped in the Lazurus Pits should've been high on the list of priorties after everything was aid and done. Batman sure as hell would've sure he was dead and buried.....

Felicity does get her big moment though, as she saves Ollie after he gets shot by a SCPD sniper.
She flies in right in the nick of time as he's about to fall into the water supply, wearing Ray's A.T.O.M. suit.

And the Iron Man parallels keep coming....

After the city's saved, Ollie and Team Arrow debrief and celebrate their hard-earned victory.
Diggle's still pissed at Ollie and walks off. They talk and then Diggle heads back to his family.

Reading the various comments about the episode there's talk of  Diggle making it offical and getting his own costume. I know he probably needs one if he's going to keep running around with these guys, but's going t be really weird if he does. Personally I think this should have been his exit from the show for awhile.

I'm not saying he's not vital to the team or the show, but the guy's got a wife and kid to worry about. He really should consider semi-retiring, and just focus on them. Probably not, be he should.

And how can he after the happy ending Ollie and Felicity got?
Ollie decides that since he can't be the Arrow anymore, he'll make a run at being a regualr guy with a hot IT chick as his girlfriend. As sweet and well-deserved as this break from superheroing is for both Ollie and Felicity, it felt like more of a Series finale than a season one with this set-up.
Obviously Ollie will be the Arrow again sometime next season, but will it require a tragedy to do that? As in maybe next season Felicity gets fridged? We'll see I guess.

Oh, and isn't he and Nyssa married? Or is that whole thing going to be quietly swept under the rug? I guess he can always get an annulment off-panel, but still......

Speaking of Nyssa, we see her back at Nanda Parbat....with the new Ra's.


Seems he and Ollie made a deal, and so Merlyin gets to be the new Ra's, which is hell of a development.
why give a guy like Merlyin, who already has a good degree of power and influence, MORE power and influence, but on a Ra's Al Guhl scale? Man is this going to bite Ollie and Team Arrow in the ass one day....

Thea's now Red Arrow, or Speedy if you believe Ollie, and Laurel's graduated as fully competeant and capable fighter. Good for her. I hope this means she won't be so fucking whiny now.

Ray makes his exit from the show with a bang. He's seen working on trying to make the suit to shrink, when a huge explosion goes off. We all know he's not dead since he'll be staring in the new Brave and the Bold-like team-up spinoff show, "Legends of Tommorow". I'm sure by then, he'll have ditched the IM-like suit, and we'll be able to shrink just like the Atom in the comics.

And that's how season 3 ended.

Things were set up nicely for season 4, and I'm curious how they'll top this season.
Seriously, after all we saw and witnessed the whole cast endure, what's there to accomplish?

I guess the next big bad is Damien Dark, who Ra's was also looking for in Starling City.
I've read rumors about H.I.V.E. finally showing up after being teased in season 2, so they could be part of the next wave of foes for Team Arrow. We'll see,

Alright, now onto a new feature I've decided to try out.
Much like So, Who Would Win?, I'll pick two seemingly random indviduals or teams that have never teamed up together, be it because they're in separate comic universes, or they just neve r seem to graviate to each other's social circle. Whichever the case, that won't be a factor now.

For the inaugural edition of Fantasy Team-Up, I chose two guys that have one main thing in common:
They both love Death.

I'm talking about Thanos and the Black Hand.

And really, when you think about it, it's really a no-brainer.

Thanos worships and adores Death, stopping at nothing to gain her love and favor.
The Black Hand has ben re-written by Geoff Johns to also love death, in the sense that it brings him peace and pleasure.

Hell, back during the Blackest Night crossover event back in 2009, Ol' Blackie pretty played the Silver Surfer to Nekron's Galactus.

They're both sick as fuck, and probably guilty of more counts of necrophilia than any other beings in any known universe, real or imagined. and that's why to me, a team-up between these two is again, a no-brainer.

What would be fun to see though, is the dynamics of their relationship. Thanos sees no other being in the universe as equal to him, so any type of partnership he'd have is temporary at best, and never 50/50.

Black Hand might just feel the same way, as he prefers the company of corpses to live people, even if they too worship Death like he does.

In fact, the already inherenit issue between these two is just that, Death.

What if she shows favortism towards BH since's such a loyal servant of death?
Now Thanos sees a rival for her affections, and there's no way in hell he's leting that shit fly!

Whoever they face is going to be able to exploit that when the moment arrives, its all just a matter of when, not if.

But for now, I can't think of a more natural pairing than Thanos and the Black Hand.
At least for this week;)

Let me know what you think of this pairing and who they'd face, in the comments' section.

Have a good/great weekend everybody.


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

Damn, Death has some nice tities no wonder Thanos is so obsessed with her. i just posted some Dr. Doom fan art i did yesterday which i posted on the ROM blog. have you ever done a Doom vs Lex Luther posting? that's a tough one!

Dale Bagwell said...

I haven't but I'd root for Doom all the way if I did. Maybe we'll see this in a future edition of So, Who Would Win?

I know Wizard magazine had Doom go over Luthor in one hell of a fight with the types of back-stabbing and twists and turns worthy of soap operas.
On to your blog.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

hey what's up there jerky! worked my first month as of tomorrow as a commercial truck driver after having finished a 12 week course sponsored by my work. this week has been a bit more easy going the the first 3 which were balls to the walls busy. between the bump in my pay as a full time driver and all the OT i've been getting some fat checks lately. unfortunately they're not as fat after Uncle Sam gets done ass raping me.

Dale Bagwell said...

SO my boy's a certified trucker huh? Breaker-breaker 1-nine, clear the line;)
Good for you man. Glad you finally found some steady work.
Yeah Uncle Sam damn sure wants his cut though, but at least you're making bank.

Kia Myers said...
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Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

hey man where the fuck is K.o.T? Dan has a posting about Sleep Walker which K.o.T is a big fan of.

Dale Bagwell said...

Good question Shlomo. I know he's got a crazy work scedhule himself, thus why he only posts once or twice a week.
We cool though.

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