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Top 10: Toybiz X-Men Figures from the past I wish I'd kept

Happy Hump Day People!

You know I was just looking at this guy's collection of the old 90's Toybiz figure, and it got me thinking how impressive it was that he actually held on to all those. Seriously, he had about half of what I would've had of my collection if I'd kept them.
Man those were some damn good figures for the time. And trust me I had a lot of them!

Especially the X-Men figures.

More so than the Fantastic Four and Iron Man waves, it was the X-Men, and the spin-off lines, that gladly took my and my parent's money gleefully.

yeah, them.

And that's what's so damn cool about them. The variety of chracters as compared to Marvel Legends(for now) was crazy diverse. So diverse that it wasn't too uncommon to see certain characters have action figures made out of them within the same year or next, from when they first appeared in the comics. That's a crazy ratio that has yet to be duplicated. DC Classics and Marvel Legends have come close, but haven't matched that feat, and now out of those two, only Marvel Legends has a chance to. And so far, that not doing a bad job.

So, without furhter ado-doo,
here's my Top 10 Favorite Toybiz X-Men figures from the past I wish I'd kept.

But first.......
Honorable Mentions:

1). Havok -X-Men Invasion Series (1995)

    Man was this guy cool or not back then? And now too, as I wish all the time, that Hasbro would make an Marvel Legends X-Factor Box Set. I'd fucking but it.

Tell you what though, this was a successfully faithful 3-D translation of Joe Quesada's artwork if I ever saw one.

Final Fate: Don't know, probably sold him or gave him away.

2). Tyler Apocalypse (Genesis)- X-Force Series 6 (1995)

They made Cable's son, and man did he look cool as fuck or what? He looked every bit the adopted son of Apocalypse, what with the armor and removable helmet. Well-sculpted and decently articulated except for the neck. He'd have been fun for a Cable skit or two.

Final Fate: Don't know, probably sold him or gave him away.

3). Cable( 3rd Edition)-X-Force Series 2 (1993)

They made lots of Cable figures back then. And I do mean lots. I had at least 3 or 4 myself, but this is my all-time favorite out of the bunch, and yes, that even inlcudes the Cable with tear-away skin.

Final Fate: Don't know, probably sold him or gave him away.

4). Sunspot- X-Force Series 3 (1994)

A really all-around solid figure, Sunspot was a favorite of mine, due to his excellent sculpt work and choice of costume. This was from the middle of his X-Force years, but translates really well figure-wise.

Final Fate: Don't know, probably sold him or gave him away.

5). Warpath (2nd Edition)-X-Force Series 4 (1994)

Definitely the better of the two Warpath figures made, although you could also argue the case that the first Warpath figute was really his brother Thunderbird, since He was wearting his brother's costume on that figure. Regardless, this made up for the that one by bulking him up this time around.
Just wish his neck moved. Poor bastard.

Final Fate: I don't know, probably sold him or gave him away.

Top 10:

1). Caliban-X-force Series 6 (1995)

He was one of absolute favorite figures from back then. I just loved the costume design, color scheme, and the pure size and bulk of the figure. Caliban's talking mouth would get plenty of use, imagining him talk and be awkward amongst his peers.
I miss him all the time, and wish I'd kept him.

Final Fate: Sold him at a yard sale.

2). Kane( 2nd Edition)-X-Force Series 2 (1993)

Dude, how awesome was this guy , am I right? A major improvement on his first figure, this Kane figure may have not had the best color job(why they didn't just go with the simple red and black with some white highlights I'll never know) but he was better sculpted.

The only thing were those dumb blades that were molded on theres as oppossed to be retractable.
Still, wish I'd kept him.

Final Fate: Don't know, probably sold him or gave him away.

3). Age Of Apocalypse Magneto-AoA (1996)

Pretty well articulated for the time. All-arond solid figure.
Came with giant pink "metal hand" snap on too.

4). Fitzroy- X-Men Series 5 (1994)

What ever happened to Trevor Fitzroy? He was such a badass villain back in 1992-3. What happened?
Anyways, cool figures with a unique snap-on accessory in his forcefield Kudos to the makers for coming up with how to iliustrate that shield.

Final Fate: I started use him as the head for a custom Hook Hand Aquaman. I but the head on a Weapon X Wolverine body. Didn''t turn out so well, ansd that was the finally fate my Fitzroy figure.

5). Sentinel Test Robot-Water Wars(1997)

I held on to him for a super long time, getting rid of him just a few years ago.
 I really wish I hadn't now.

Final Fate: Sold him at a yard sale.

6). Corsair-Phoenix Saga (1994)

Hey, Cyclops' daddy made the list. Definitely but plesantly surprised they did. They made the other Starjammers too, I just was never interested. Man the skits I could've made had I kept him.

Final Fate:
Can't remember. I either sold him or gave him away to some neighborhood kids.

7). Warstar-Phoenix saga (1994)

Like Caliban, this one was a long-time keeper, one of the last of the old ones I got rid of.
Very surprising they made him, a seemingly random member of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard. But with they way they utilized and designed him, I'd certainly say they got the most out of him.

Final Fate: Sold him at a yard sale.

8). Deadpool (2nd Edition)- X-Force Series 6 (1995)

\Yeah, I can't believe I got rid of this guy too. Easily the better of the two Deadpool figures ToyBiz made, his removable mask really sells the shit out of him, as does his better sculpted body. Yeah I know, that just sounded pretty gay didn't it?

Final Fate: Don't know, probably Sold him/Gave him away.

9). Apocalypse (2nd Edition)- X-Men Series 3 (1993)

Definitely the better version of Apocalypse that ToyBiz made, the first being too skinny and well ugly, to properly be called Apocalypse. Plus the interchangable arms help sell him further.

Final Fate: Don't know, probably sold him/gave him away.

10).  Commando- X-Force Series 5 (1994)

He definitely became a surprise, but instant favorite of mine from the moment I saw him.
Interesting fun fact, Commando, formerly known as the Crimson Commando, is wearing a modified version of a design that Eric Larsen was later use for his creation Superpatriot.

Final Fate: Don't know, probably sold him/gave him away. Really wish I hadn't now.

 And that's just the X-Men/X-Force figures.....

What's your all-time favorite figures(s) from these two waves?


The King of Thessaly said...

Excellent post!!!

Fuck, man- I had most of those. Same as you- sold off in garage/yard-sales... Only figures I held on to were the Marvel Universe and Spider-Man figures I had. But I had a lot of those Fantastic Four, Ironman, X-Men and X-Force ones back then too! STILL can't believe half these characters ever got a fucking figure made!!!

Wish I still had light-up Mr.Sinister, color-change Iceman, magnet Magneto, Strong Guy, Omega Red, Random... Only one I held onto was bendy-tail Nightcrawler.

I wish I still had Stryfe with the flip up helmet, Deadpool with the spring-loaded-knife. I did manage to keep my Pyro though! And I found The Blob from Wave 6 at The Dirt Mall last Summer. I was kind of over getting toys when the last few waves came out in the later 90's, some of the ones you posted I've never even seen before...

So many good memories.

Dale Bagwell said...

Why I haven't done something like this earlier boggles my own mind, but yeah, this was long overdue.

Next week, I'm following up by including the FF and IM animated figures. Besides the Spider-Man animated line, those were my other favorite animated line of toys.

I had that bendy Nightcrawler too. I eventually tore of the suction cups though because it obscured his hands too much. but yeah, how awesome was that tail?

I can't believe so many of those characters were made as well. I mean seriously, a lot of of those first-timers were relatively new. What other toy line was putting out figures of relatively new/newer comic characters back then? That was truly unheard of. I wish the market was good enough for Hasbro and DC to try that.

Anonymous said...

I got commando no ponytail lol

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