Monday, June 02, 2014

"1 Is The Loneliest Number"

What's up people?
How was your last weekend in May? Good? Bad?

Well it's officially June now, and that means Summer is here, even if technically not until the 22nd.

So without further ado, here's the very first skit of the month, I call "One is the loneliest number".

You guys should know the song it's based off by now:

The End


This video that was featured on Tosh.0 should explain this bit:

Free Wallpaper

Poor Bill. Last I checked, he pretty much was the last of his kind, but I could be wrong. Will there ever be a missus Beta Ray Bell? Other than maybe Sif of course;)


The King of Thessaly said...

I always loved Beta Ray Bill. Awesome character.
That video cracked me up! I had an ex try and do that! -I was like: You're fucking crazy!!! Of course I was playin' her like a fool and if she had smelled my dick she would have straight-up smelled some sex- but still; that's some insane lengths to go through for some proof... Now I always make sure to shower-up, son!

Dale Bagwell said...

And that's what up!
Thanks man, glad you like it. It's a favorite from that show for me.

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