Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Getting My SWAG on

Happy Hump Day People!

I picked this guy up yesterday @ my local Wal-Mart, and man was I surprised to find him:

 The villainous Boomerang from the Superior Foes of Spider-Man series(Very underrated series worth checking out if you already haven't. Hurry up, because it's ending soon)

He's basically like DC's Captain Boomerang, minus the added military title. But he is a fellow Aussie.
I wonder if they've ever met. Hmmm.

Don't worry guys, a strip between the two is already in the works, as I knew it would be when I picked him up.

He's got the great, standard articulation, a giant Boomerang rack that goes into his back to store his special boomerangs, and a decent enough paint job.

I'm just glad he's backed with accessories, and just look at that face!

Angry or constipated; you decide.

He comes with another leg for the BAF Ultimate Green Goblin figure, but he looks like a fucking chud. Plus he's just not a figure I'm clamoring to collect. Black Cat and Spider-Girl though? Oh yeah, especially Black Cat. Isn't that right Goo?;)

At the moment I'm trying to get pages 15 and 16 done. I can't speak for anybody else in the group,. but I know on my end, I'm trying to get things done as fast as I can so that we can publish the first issue of Kansas soon. This is the month it's supposed to happen, so fingers and dicks crossed.

Have a good/great weekend guys and gals:)


karl said...

Wow those boomerangs on his back are fucking awesome, really stand out. He looks superb, esp that face, angry or constipated, well if this is based on a 90s Marvel comic probably both. Im only surprised that more Spidey villians aernt made more of, I saw a wicked Mysterio a while back.

Dale Bagwell said...

They really are Karl. He;s truly impressive and fits his size from the comic I think. I love the face myself as the main selling point.

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