Sunday, June 15, 2014

Keystone Krooks

What's up people?

You know the deal, posting when I can, and up to my eyeballs in in pages of Kansas#1 that need to be re-done in time to make deadline.

Fuck me! But we (Grindhorse Studios) merely wants to put out the best product we can, you know?

Anyhoo, onto the skit....

I'll apologize because of the erratic schedule, but you guys know he deal.

 The End

Oh, that Digger, right Dan?;)


karl said...

what a laugh-riot - you just know that Boomerang is screwed.
And hey no-one outside of old flicks from the 50s says 'bleedin' anymore in England!

Randomnerd said...

I think my favorite part was the tiny cop car down in that one corner. I couldn't stop laughing at that for some reason.

Karl, do you say "bloomin'"?

Dale Bagwell said...

@Karl: Thx, and duly noted. After all, being the resident English "gentlemen" I guess you would know that:)

@Random: "Welcome back....."
Sorry, couldn't help myself.

Yeah tiny cop car .fx. you know, cause that's you roll on a budget;)

Glad you guys enjoyed it.

Randomnerd said...

Just call me Kotter from now on. :)

Dale Bagwell said...

Done!!!! Welcome back, randomkotter it is;)

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