Tuesday, June 10, 2014

"I'm Moving Out"

Hey People.

Somehow I'm able to use a nearby signal for now, so I'm jumping on the opportunity to post another new skit for the week.

This one's a topical one, as it refers to the rumors of the Fantastic Four being cancelled out of spite, due to FOX studios still owning the movie rights to the FF.

I'm sure comic news sites like  Comicbookresources.com or Bleedingcool.com can fill you guys in in case you haven't heard about this yet.

So without further ado.....

The End

Figures Doom was behind the whole thing.

Again, I'll be posting sporadically until I either find a better, stable WiFi signal, or break down and buy internet access.


karl said...

The news that Marvel may cancel the FF comic out of pure spite in order to derail the movie is bad enough... these rumours have been circulating for months now ever since Robinson was appointed as the new writer. His 'Fall of the FF' only fuelled rumours that the whole book was being axed in order to make way for the movie version [ a black Human Torch, a teenage Reed etc] but then this fucking movie came out with these God-awful hints about the casting...Marvel should never have let the righs go, never, its their first property for fucks sake, the one that kick-started the entire MU. And the idea that no promotional material featuring the FF or any peripheral characters can be used either is just adding insult to injury. Msrvel only care about X-Men this and Spider-Man that and have their prime property the FF ass backwards. I cannot believe how appalled I am by this, really cannot.
Ive already had to cancel all my Avengers books because yo uneed to be Stephen flaming Hawking to understand the continuity and if the FF goes then that is IT , I am OUT OUT OUT! Marvel will be finished for me.

GGGGRRRRRR....SO ANGRY about this!

[cool pictures by the way, Dale].

Dale Bagwell said...

Thx Karl. Yeah I'm really shocked at the amount of pettiness on the part of Marvel's CEO over this. Just a bad decision overall.

Plus, with DC not being a fun place to be anymore, why is the CEO dragging Marvel into that same situation and environment?

Just crazy man, crazy.

The King of Thessaly said...

Really? But they could USE the movie to sell MORE comics!? Fucking Disney...
I like the first two (well, really THREE) Fantastic Four movies, too... fuck what anyone says. SILVER SURFER. You can have all the lame clouds you want- we got The Silver fuckin' Surfer in a movie! AND a non-CGI Thing! That's AWESOME. And those flicks are fun... just like the FF should be! Oh well... good job, mate!

Dale Bagwell said...

Thx King. I agree, I enjoyed the first series of FF movies myself, even if Jessica Alba was too hot for that role. And Michael Chicliss' Thing costume worked for me. Keep 'em on again I say.

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