Monday, June 30, 2014

Shit The Mirror Master Says...

What up people?

Is it really the end of June already?
 Fuck, where does the time go?

Well I'm still here even though it hardly seems like it. But such is life, and the unexpected surprises it brings.

Kansas#1 is almost done. Finished the last two pages last week, but am stuck on a panel for page 19.
We'll get this damn thing out yet folks. Trust me.

Anyhoo, it's skit time with one of my favorite Rogues, Mirror Master.

The End

I'd seriously be super-hesitant to travel with him unless I really had to.


karl said...

The Mirror Master,,,is he Scottish or Irish or what, I cant make him out, just that hes a t**t of the highest order - but then that's what makes him so compulsive to watch. Hes the Hawkeye of super-villains in my mind.
Youd think DC would give the Rogues their own book - thatd be awesome!

Dale Bagwell said...

He's a Scot Karl. I know that accent's thick as hell, but aren't they all?

The Rogues just had their own mini tie-in to Forever Evil, but yeah, I wouldn't mind a regular series.

I guess he's a twat. More like the guy who supplies you coke/party favors @ a party. But ok.

The Hawkeye of super-villains huh?

karl said...

I think because he always manages to snatch disaster from the jaws of victory, that does it for me.He's just got that 'arrogant jerk' vibe about him.

The King of Thessaly said...

HA! -China White!!!

I absolutely ADORE Mirror Master. One of the best Flash rogues EVER!

Dale Bagwell said...

@Karl: True. Although it's mostly just him being an arrogant jerk if nothing else.
Never heard that comparison before though.
Any Hawkeye fans out there agree?

@King: I know right? I fucked up a bit in that I should've used baby powder, instead of the leftover sugar I used from my empty bag of sour patch kids.
Better luck nexttime I guess;)

Randomnerd said...

That was my favorite part, the sugar dust all over his face. Lol. Cutest thing ever, and totally appropriate that you used Sour Patch kids sugar for it, cause I know how addicted you are to the tiny little munchkins.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Random: Yep, and still am;)

Dale Bagwell said...
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googum said...

Why didn't I ever make that connection before? I guess an assload of coke is one way to try and keep up with the Flash...

I always liked that panel from JLA where even Batman is kinda impressed with one of Mirror Master's tricks. Or surprised, I guess.

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