Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Achtung Baby: Part 1

TGIT!!!!(But wait, it's only Tuesday)

Ha ha, I know, but since I made my unofficial official quota for the month, today's the last one for this week, and this month.

April's been pretty damn decent skit-wise I think. What do you guys think?

Speaking of skits.......
Here's Part 1 of "ACHTUNG BABY"......

To Be Continued......

Why no love for Zemo indeed. I'm surprised he wasn't included(unless it's still too early) in the movie franchise so far. Hell, we saw Arnim Zola, even if he wasn't a creepy robot with a giant face in the middle.

Again, could still happen, but seems we may be waiting a good while perhaps....

Have a good weekend folks! Celebrate Free Comic Book Day if you can this Saturday. I know I will.


karl said...

Summat creepy about making action figures of Nazi villains...still wouldn't mind one meself!
Have a good weekend too!

Dale Bagwell said...

@Karl: I guess so, Idk. I think they're fucking cool for a bunch of Jew-haters, but what do I know;)

And you as well Karl. Keep em' stuffed and fluffed;)

The King of Thessaly said...


Man, is that Zemo figure sweet-looking! ...It does feel weird to compliment a Nazi.

This was even better since I read it with an OUTRAGEOUS accent!

"...und not so full of Jews." Ha!

Dale Bagwell said...

@King: Yeah I guess it does feel weird, but fuck it's just a toy......or is it?;)

YOU HAVE TO READ IT in that accent to make the most of the joke. I know I had fun writing it.

I know right? I'm surprised Shlomo hasn't already given me shit about it, ha ha.