Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Future's End for NU52?

What it is people?

    So.......Future's End.

Looks a lot like Age of Ultron part 2: Electric Bugaloo to me.
Rumors are swirling that this may be DC's half-ass, stolen bad idea, plan to reboot/ret-con the NU 52.

If that indeed happens, you'll get no bigger fan than me.
I've always been critical of the NU 52, and always welcomed the day, we'd get the Pre-NU52 universe back. But, like this? And in such a cheesy-ass manner too.

Idk, probably shouldn't judge yet, especially since Johns is nowhere near this one.

Until then, there's always Grant Morrison's Multiversity set to finally arrive in August. A birthday present for me? Why thank you kind sir;)


The King of Thessaly said...

"...the blood moon shall rise!"??? *gags*
You got your Image in my DC!
YOU got your DC in MY Image!!!
I loved the 90's as much as anyone. But I will not shed a single tear if this is FINALLY the end of the Nu52. -Seems they only even get bad press anymore. And the sales are now the exact same as back before they started the reboot. Plus Marvel is killing it just by doing the other 90's model- LOTS OF #1's!!!
Anyways- we can all hope. But I doubt it... I'll believe it when I see it. And they can do both- like Marvel does with the Ultimate Universe. DC just needs new people in charge- that's all it is.

-Multiversity! Hell to the yeah!!!

Dale Bagwell said...

@King: Exactly. Marvel is not doing themselves any favors in my book by the constant flooding of the market with new #1's every, what year or two? Goddamn.

But I'm at the point where I'm honestly enjoying some of their stuff over DC. In fact, other than Red Lantern, I'm not even remotely following or buying other DC comics. Even my beloved Dark Knight holds no sway over me in that department anymore.

And yes, it's been waaaaaaay past time for new overall management.

Hopefully the movie to Cali will do that....but in a more positive direction.

I can't wait for Multiversity either. It's been like what, 2 years in the making, if not more.

I'll enjoy it for what it is, not what it'll do, as is the case whenever I read Final Crisis. Lovely hot mess that it was.

karl said...

Hot mess - yes, that's exactly how I would describe it. Everytime DC does another reboot its like picking at a scab, the more one picks the worse it gets.
I will be SO glad when this latest Nu-52 is over, more like NO-52 if you ask me. so many things wrong...still no Donna Troy, a lame-ass Earth-2 LSH that made no sense, a WW who doesn't resemble anything like the WW we know, an easily-manipulated Superman, a slutty Wonder Girl [okay, I accept that one!] am even sluttier Starfire [ok, she's mine] and a Justice League so fucked up I cant work out whats going on.

Dale Bagwell said...

@karl: Amen!

The King of Thessaly said...

Well, Dale- I'd rather have a million ALL NEW #1's over an Image-inspired "Nu" universe reboot. *shakes head*

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