Monday, April 14, 2014


So.......Today's Monday. Yeah!

No, not really, but yeah, let's hear it for fake enthusiasm eh?
Speaking of enthusiasm, Tax Day is tomorrow for those living on this side of the pond.
I'm not worried, but then I'm not the kind of lazy ass(though lazy I may be) who waits until the today or tomorrow to file a tax return. Christmas/holiday/birthday shopping I can see waiting until the last minute, if only because of time constraints. But tax returns? Just fucking do it and be done with it. Unless you like being audited by the IRS, then by all means, go for it.


Today is the debut of a new skit, as is custom around here the beginning of each new week.
Today, I'm channeling the 90's, with this one-hit techno wonder by the German group Eiffel 65 and their one hit, "Blue".


The End

Well Ted did ask a very good question. Who knew Blue Devil was such a cheapskate?


Dan W said...

And electric blue Superman was on the synthesiser aye :) Or is he the one toy the house doesn't have?

Always thought Beast and Kurt would be good buddies out on the town. Nice post.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Dan: Dead on Danny Boy, tis true. Electric Blue Supes isn't on the shelf, although I'm sure I coulda' tossed a couple more "blue" guys in the mix if I wasn't so fucking lazy;)

Hank and Kurt as as traveling buddies? Hmmm.... HEY GOO!.....

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