Thursday, April 10, 2014

He Got All That SWAG


Nothing new really to report here actually. Just thought I'd do something to fill in the weekly grind.
Here's me SWAG from this week and last Saturday:

Okay, so last Saturday a good friend of mine was choosing to sell off his figure collection because he's gonna' be a new dad. Cool. So, I bought these off him for a very sweet deal:

Yep, straight from the early 90's, it's the WildC.A.T.S. 

I bought the whole team(They didn't make Void, Voodoo, and Lord Emp right?) for only 25$
Plus he was super nice enough to throw in that huge 10ft Maul figure free!
I was more excited about owning the whole team than even buying the Red Skull. See back in the day, I only owned Spartan, Zealot, and Grifter(My favorite to this day) 
Now I own the whole Sha-Bang!

Don't worry; I already have skit ideas a brewing;)

And then there's this guy......

He even came with his very own Cosmic Cube! Hell Yeah!
He'll go great with my Baron Zemo figure. Damn is Cap gonna' be pissed;)

Bought them yesterday. It's Ultraman and Power Ring from the new CSA figures. I may get Superwoman and Deathstorm since they're cool as fuck, but I'm not digging the new Owlman look. Just, ugly as shit compared to his previous revamped outfit.

And check out the fucking sweet power battery that comes w/Power Ring. Creepy as fuck right?
His/It's mouth opens and everything, with the side fingers being able to move as well. Just a very solid bonus I didn't expect to get. Love it!

Comic-wise, I bought New Avengers#16(This shows a world run by the new version of the JLA. Very cool) and god help me, Deadpool#27
Yes, I was crazy enough to drop 10$ on a single comic. And while it is a funny "wedding" issue, it's not worth the huge price tag. They should've just went with a price of $5.99 really.

That was my swag for the week, what was yours?

I'll leave you guys with this song from the Britpop band Supergrass, and their song "Moving".

Hopefully it gets stuck in your head like it just did mine from yesterday.

Have a good weekend folks!


karl said...

Wow, so jealous right now - you got all THAT?!?
What a bargain, esp that rad Power Battery.
[goes green with envy].

The King of Thessaly said...

Wait- why was the Deadpool comic $10???

Dude, Power-Ring's lantern is fucking AWESOME looking! What is the story behind THAT?

Sorry, but there absolutely were a Void and Voodoo figure. I had Zealot, MoC for a long time... She was my favorite, look-wise... I fucking hated the WildC.A.T.S., but I liked Jim Lee back then, before you realized he was just tired. I even watched the cartoon.

There was even a Mr. Majestic, and Pike: & but never an Imp, go figure...

Good haul!

Dale Bagwell said...

@Karl: Right?
The figures plus the two comics came out to about 58$, so no, not bad at all.

@Karl: It's the wedding issue. So even though its a regular issue, it's 10$ Yeah, I feel kinda bad now. That could've been beer $.

As for PR's battery, dude I have no idea. I didn't even know he had one until I opened the rest of the package up. I almost threw it away. It looks like ALIEN ate a battery. Th sculpt and paint job on it is fucking awesome. Took awhile to figure out where to but the handle. Not as easy as you'd think.

Makes no sense about not having Lord Emp. Hell, they even packed his cell phone as an accessory, how the fuck do you not make him?

I enjoyed them for what they were, even though were X-Men rip-offs, as were most groups @ Image at the time, especially Cyberforce.
I always gravitated towards Grifter and Zealot, and Voodoo, cause....DAT ASS n DEM TITTIES!

The cartoon sucked donkey balls but then so did Savage Dragon....


The King of Thessaly said...

Oh, for sure- those cartoons were terrible! The Gen 13 Movie too... but I watched them all because- can you believe they even existed??? It's crazy.

Cyber-Force, ugh... just awful.

But what made it cost $10? Was it thick with extra pages? Did it come with something? Or is it older and just worth that now?

The reason you liked Voodoo is the same reason I owned the first 25 issues of Gen 13. Ha!

Dan W said...

I wis McFarlane Toys had done a whole Image range, including more WildC.A.T. figures. Those ones look awesome esp Zealot, but that original M.T level of detail was incredible and could've easilly helped make characters like Darkness, Witchblade and Savage Dragon a lot more popular.

$10 US on a comic - crikey, you must really like Deadpool :) I could buy half a caribbean nation for that!

Dale Bagwell said...

82 pages I think in total. That's why. Hopefully;)

Dale Bagwell said...

@Dan: Right? McFarlene Toys were indeed the shit and the standard under which all other figures were held. Toy Biz stepped it up big with the Marvel Legends, and never looked back. MToys hasn't exactly been doing that good of business anymore, but they definitely put out a huge assortment of eclectic characters.

googum said...

Ah, don't show me cool DC stuff! Too spendy!

You're the only one I've seen with that Power Ring lantern, too. Nice!

Dale Bagwell said...

@Goo: Right? Thx dude. Like I said, totally unexpected to get such a sick-looking power battery w/PR.

I paid about 24$ for em', so they're not too bad, but not exactly on the cheap either.

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