Monday, May 05, 2014

Achtung Baby: Part 2

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

So who got to enjoy FCBD this year?
Here's my stash from this previous Saturday's outing:

(Pictured Here)
-Guardians of The Galaxy#14
-Uncanny Avengers Annual#1
-Uncanny Avengers#19
-Justice League#29

(Pictured Here)
-What If? Age of Ultron#'s 1-5
(Very solid read, with Ultron attacking the founding members in various crucial points in time.)

(Pictured Here)
-FCBD Valiant Handbook 2014(I'm a sucker for handbooks, and this one doesn't disappoint. It catches you up to what's going on now in the Valiant U)
-FCBD Project Black Sky
-Superior Foes of Spider-Man#11

All-in-all, I got a pretty damn nice haul, plus some free stuff and comics for my sister and nephew.

And now, onto the conclusion of "Achtung Baby"......

The End

(Bonus cool points to whoever gets the movie reference)


The King of Thessaly said...

Nice haul!
The only comic you got that I'm reading is the Superior Foes of Spider-Man. I can't wait for Spider-Man 2099 and all of the Original Sin stuff. I want a Watcher eye!!!
I did not participate in free comic day. Nothing really peeked my interest. I heard the only real DC offering was pretty good, though. I have a hard time reading DC comics anymore... they're just not for me. I can't get into them- I've tried but... ehhh...

"Farger can you hear me???"

Dan W said...

I always thought Zemo looked the better villain for Cap's arch rival, than Skull did. Especially when the mask started hogging his face better. That second to last photo in the skit proves it - that came out really well!

I can't do modern DC any more either, but I've realised they aren't caring about my age group or all the time and money I've spent 'lovin and learnin' their continuity. Still on free comic day, I did pick up some issues of Ostrander's Spectre I didn't have and loved every page. Right down to the full page inhouse adverts. If I buy anything DC in future, I think it will have to have the Bullet on it in a back issue bin.

Dan's Clan is happier there.

Dale Bagwell said...

@King: I'm pretty sure I briefly talked about how much I enjoy this truly overlooked series. This one with the Looter and Grizzly is funny as shit, and you gotta' love the ending.

Not sure if it'll continue since the Superior Spider-Man experiment is over with, so this shall be interesting.

Yeah the Futures wend free comic wasn't bad, and the series looks promising. Not sure if it'll pan out in the end, but it started off decent enough.

You sir, won the internet...or at least this week's post anyways;0

@Dan: Thx mate. I think they both work as Cap villains. They're German nazi's, over the top, disfigured. Of course they work;0

I hear ya on Modern DC, I do. And yet I go back like an abused spouse/child though, and sometimes I find some pieces of work that rises above the NU52 label.

I enjoyed the indie offerings this year, like the Dark Horse one and of course Valiant.

I'm happier in the back issue bins too buddy. it's safer there. Smellier, but safer;)

The King of Thessaly said...

You know what? I'm totally digging Futures End. Batman Beyond! Yeahhhhhhh boy! Plus it's the future- hell even only five years is enough to ignore the crappy Nu52 continuity. It's just a fun alternate-future storyline with BROTHER EYE! I don't even mind that they are shoving Grifter in it- "LIKE HIM, LIKE HIM DAMN IT!"
First new DC title I've liked at all... Welcome home, me!

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