Thursday, March 27, 2014

TGIT.....and other things.


So very quick one today since I'm working on the official 4 pages of the first issue of Kansas.
I'm currently Lettering and fine-tuning the first page now.

Don't worry I'll show you guys pics when I'm done.

So I was at the comic store yesterday, and found these beauties:

This one has:  Red Lanterns#29(Damn you for grabbing my attention for the 2nd month in a row!) New Avengers#15, Sandman Overture#2(FINALLY), Superior Spider-Man#30, and Silver Surfer#1

-Supergirl as the new Red Lantern has gotten my attention. Don't know why, but she just looks cute as shit in that outfit. And a mask too!

-New Avengers continues to build, with a view of another world failing from stopping the incursion from the Builders and Map-Makers. Good stuff by Hickman, although I'm enjoying his Manhattan Project series more.

-Finally after almost 4 months, I have the 2nd issue of Sandman Overture in my hands, and it was pretty good. Not worth the wait, but the art sure is fucking beautiful. Nice to see the other iterations of Dream as well, both past, present, and future.

-I only grabbed Superior Spider-Man because this is the one where Peter officially comes back, and dons old faithful. It really is a sweet and sad moment where Doc Ock finally acknowledges who's the TRUE Superior Spider-Man.

-Had to check out the first issue of Slott's new Silver Surfer series. Not bad so far, with an interesting hook and cliffhanger to close out the issue with.

This one has: Starlight#1, Uncanny Avengers#19, Bad-Ass#1(already have the other 2 issues so far)
and Harley Quinn#'s 2-4.

-I'll let you know how it goes, but this is Mark Millar's homage to Flash Gordon basically. The art at least is fucking awesome.

-I'm a sucker for Rick Reminder's Planet X arc and the previous one that just ended. Don't know why, but the art and story have sold me thus far. Who knew the Wasp and Havok would become an item, much less married on this future world?  Good, solid stuff, with an ending I know that'll blow minds and act as a giant reset button for those already dead. I think.

-Bad-Ass is basically Deadpool, minus the multiple talking caption boxes, healing factor, cancer, and hideous face. Otherwise just about the same thing, although he doesn't technically have powers that you can tell. Yet.
Very funny and inappropriate, like Deadpool.

-Haven't red em, but it's Harley, and I've heard good things so far about the series. Some say it's DC's answer to Deadpool, and I can kinda' see it.

That's my swag from my LCS this week.

You guys be good, wear condoms, and have a good weekend;)


The King of Thessaly said...

Oh, shit! Peter is back? I mean- I knew they were building to that... I did not know it was done and out already! Nice.


You know, I still laugh to myself every time I see MCL Juggalette Harley...

Nice new books, man...
I think I'm Dirt-Mall bound this week coming up... Hopefully I'll have me a haul of new old books!

Dale Bagwell said...

@King: Yep, He's officially back as of this very issue.
It's worth a grab.

Juggalette Harley. She can juggle my balls anytime she wants;)

Thx, and I hope you snag some swag yourself buddy.

Dan W said...

Nice haul! I'm surprised Marvel hasn't tooted more horns about Pete's return too. At least they proved the bad assery of Doc Ock. That guy was a joke for way to long and no Ditko villain should wear that tag.

I'm currently selling off masses of my collection at the moment - moving countries then cities, you know its a pain when the a fair chunk of the boxes are labelled Marvel / DC and Misc :)

If anyone is looking for anything just say.

I'm not giving away all of it but the table is literally one stack of a character after another, and I'd rather they went to good homes.

Look forward to seeing yer preview mr - exciting stuff!

karl said...

Everyone but everyone I know of is criticising the Silver Surfer comic...and so am I. Its basically Matt Smith's Doctor Who, with the Surfer cracking jokes - and when has the Surfer ever had a sense of humour? - and his 'feisty' female companion.
I think its far to infantile. and Allred's artwork is far too childish - I had enough of him in the Future Foundation book.
Good swag you got there. Agreed totally about Hickman's Manhattan Projects. And youn beat me to it re BadAss...I cant find a copy anywhere!

Condoms? Whats a condom?

Dale Bagwell said...

@karl: Ha! What condoms he says....

Infantile and silly huh? I've always liked and still do, Allred's art. Just speaks to me I guess.

Didn't make the Matt Smith connection, but I guess I can see your point. But then the Surfer's had companions before this one so.....
Relax, and enjoy it for what it is. Finally the Surfer gets an ongoing again, and he has a pretty damn decent creative team.

What you wanted Didio and Giffen on it?;)

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