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Back-Issue Spotlight: The Maxx#1

Happy Hump Day!!!!!

Man is being the official hype-man/promo/multimedia guy of the group harder than I thought.
Well it is since my WI-FI internet connection and laptop are in cahoots to work against me. Bastards!

So Karl was asking for pics of our Grindhorse Studios' stuff.

No problem. Oh, and by the way:
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There, now you guys have no excuse to not give us a look-see;)

Taking a step back to see where I'm at, I'm thinking I may have to cut back on the amount of posts here @ The House.

Don't worry, it's not like the House is closing up. It's just that this is truly a full-time job apparently.
So I'm seriously considering going with King's schedule of posting about twice a week instead, with a possible third time on the weekend.

We'll see, but you guys will be the first to know.

Ok, onto today's edition of Back-Issue Spotlight......

                                The Maxx#1 (Mar '93) by Sam Keith and Bill Messner-Loebs.

If you don't already know about the coolest and most deluded, super-powered hobo in the world, then I don't know what to tell you.

The issue opens up with the Maxx and his monologue about the day in the life of a bum.
Nice Cheers reference there.

From there the action starts quickly with an attempted kidnapping and rape in progress in the the alley.

And right before the poor hot young lady becomes just another statistic......

Shit just got real!

After dealing with the would-be rapists, Maxx quickly finds himself arrested by the cops despite saving the woman.

It's while in the back of the cop car that Maxx starts to hallucinate, going into a dream world that would be the series staple throughout it's story.

The Outback(or as Dan calls it, home. Hey, that's how I imagine it looks like. Sue me;)

It's while here, dreaming about his beloved Jungle goddess, that Savage Maxx finds himself under attack by another series staple; the vile and bountiful Iz's.

I love the way the animated series really makes those comic panels and transitions come to life. You guys have to got to see the Maxx cartoons. They're fucking quintessential 90's, but in a good way.

In the real world, someone else is not exactly about to have a howdy doody good day.
You know that later Maxx saved earlier? Yeah, she's fucked. 

Why, you may ask? Simple. This guy:
Say hello to Mr. Gone. He's a bad man. A very, very, very bad man. You'll see why later over the course of the series.

Mr. Gone just goes off a kills the poor girl. There's a reason for that you'll learn later on.

Meanwhile also in the real world, we meet, you guessed it, the series staple and who could be argued as the real main protagonist of the series, Julie.

I'm going to take a quick second to make a Kalis reference right now, 'cause

Fuck me.......

Anyhoo, poor hot young Julie Winters is a social worker of all things. It's a dead end job that doesn't pay much but the bills. Still, Julie tries to her best to deal by using her sarcastic wit.

After receiving a what appears to be a prank call(it isn't, but readers don't know that yet), which gets another from the cops. Appears they need her to come down to the station to pick a friend of hers up.

Any guesses who this mysterious friend is? Anybody?

Yep, DIS GUY!!!!!

Maxx crashes on Julie's crouch, and is seemingly about to go back to dream time, until Julie cock-blocks by kicking him out.

We're then shown a scene of two typical teens waiting in a laundromat while washing their clothes or something.

Tommy cops a feel, causing Glorie to flip out.
Tommy leaves, and then he shows up:

Tommy comes back to apologize to Glorie, only to find her in rough shape.

The Maxx is heading out, when Julie gets another crank call. This time she stalls the voice on the phone by humoring it, while the Maxx hunts the person down.

This leads quickly into a chase and battle with Iz's. The nasty black kind with super sharp fucked up teeth.

This further leads into a showdown between Maxx and Mr. Gone.

Interesting choice of a cliffhanger huh?

I though this was a pretty solid issue back then when I didn't know shit, but re-reading hasn't made me change my opinion yet. It still holds up even now.

Again, if you haven't read this series before, please do. Yes it gets confusing at times, but it's worth it.


The King of Thessaly said...

Sam Kieth is GOD!
I have all these issues, it and Savage Dragon were my favorites of the Image launch-titles. The Maxx cartoon was great as well... And check out the two Zero Girl miniseries too, if you never have. Excellent stuff.
You gotta love the way he draws his women...
-The Isz, and Mr. Gone still freak me the fuck out.

Dale Bagwell said...

I really need to pick up more Maxx. I am starting to collect his new re-release Maxxed editions of the old series though by IDW. Good, solid shit of course.

He's definitely got a unique style Sam Keith does. There are some time where he goes too overboard and exaggerated for my tastes. But whateves.

The King of Thessaly said...

The Maxx: Maxximized! HOLY SHIT! I did not know this was a thing! IDW, huh? Who would have ever guessed. Those three hard-cover edition/collections are MINE! Thanks, man!

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