Thursday, June 06, 2013

The Hangover?

Hey guys what's up?

Damn I have missed each and everyone of you crazy fuckers like...well crazy.
Now no, not all my laptop problems are fixed, but I am working on them. I'm sure a good bit of you know how that is.

It's frustrating as shit, especially trying to use the internet on a cheap-ass phone, and not a smart phone. Yes I am aware I'm behind the times there, and yes I am also aware it's sad as fuck when you're soon to be 69 year-old dad owns a smart phone before you do. *And cue Sigh moment now*(Random knows what I'm talking about;)

Anyhoo, I haven't taken a lot of new pics lately, and especially now since it;s been raining all week straight, thus not the ideal photo weather settings I'd normally care for. But fuck it, it's mother nature, what're you gonna' do right?

Let's see....

oh big shout outs to Shlomo doing his thing as usual, and of course to Omega Agent, who's tearing things up by updating on a regular basis, and yes, these posts are very thought-provoking and deep. Hey my man's opinionated, but he knows his history. Respect there, so give his blog a try. He highlights other comic characters in addition to the guy that brought him to the dance in the first place, Bronze Tiger.

Can't forget Dan Dan, the Auzzie Weatherman! Or is that newsman? Seriously, if there's interesting comic or movie even going on in some far corner of the world, Dan's your man on the scene. He's like our version of Anderson Cooper, just nowhere near as pretentious;)

and some weird guy named Goo;)
Congrats to moving into the new apartment; looks like he's found another home to cater to his hording addiction. Ha ha, just kidding(maybe)

Guy's so ahead on skits, he still went through the entire moving process, yet never missed a day of posting.
That's a saint right there, or incredibly lazy man whom I can learn a lot from in the laziness department;)

You my girl too Random, even though you need to get with the times and do this blog things with us already. Seriously, it's not that bad....okay, not always good, but not always bad. Oh, and drink plenty; you'll need the inspiration and colorful vocabulary of words you can only assemble in your brain when you're drunk. True Story bro;)
Alright enough with the ass-kissing, it's getting awkward in here, so here's my ode to the movie The Hangover:

Definitely not the end.....


Randomnerd said...

Hank Pym always was an asshole. :)

Oh man, is it good to see your internet face back! I've missed your skits like crazy. And don't worry, these days when you buy a smartphone they come out with a better one the next day, so it's easier just to wait for the one you really really want to be invented, then wait for your carrier to put on one of the "deals" for it. Such is the way to avoid paying overly much for technology.
Hang in there, Mr. Morbid (see? I remembered this time.) we're all on the laptop bandwagon for ya.

Dale Bagwell said...

Aww, thx Random/Hannah;) I can call you Betty, and I'll be your bodyguard and you can call me Al;) No not really, lol.

And yes, yes Pym is, but so is with those extremely smart, scientist-types.

Randomnerd said...

With size issues. ;)

Tiger OA1 said...

I never thought Pym had size issues HA! Thankx Random for giving me another reason to laugh at giant man.

And What's up Brah? Dude I'm glad your back. I need that excuse to act up. And speaking of cell phones, noooo body has as many cell phone problems as I do. I can't even use it at my house, neighborhood, in certain towns. It's sad. T-mobile don't even care, they just keep saying -- "fuck you, pay me".

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

wassssup ass clowns!? in all fairness to Dan as far as Anderson Cooper goes i think it's safe to say they're playing on different teams as well. as for Ant-Man's fatherly duties here's a classic moment:

Dale Bagwell said...

@Tiger: What's up man, ya glad to be back....for now. You never though since I have a temp laptop that tends to overheat, limiting the time I can spend on it.

Cell phones yeah, I hear ya. That's why I have a cheap-ass phone but use Straight Talk. It's cheaper than most phone plans period.

Oh, and while I'm talking about cell phone companies, fuck Verizon. 'Nuff said.

@Shlomo, you mean Dan and Anderson Cooper don't already play for the same team? We need Dan to comment on this one;)

Funny clip man, thx for the link.
I wonder how Pym's gonna' fair after the whole Age of Ultron thing,since it looked like Wolverine killed him, but then a younger version went back in time and stopped him. Weird.

Randomnerd said...

Okay . Now we need a side by side comparison of Dan and the Coop.

Just to be totally fair.

Get on that Al.

karl said...

Is it true Anderson Cooper's mum is Gloria Vanderbillt, that diamond-dripping dame from the 70s who was always appearing on the Love Boat?
Says it all, really.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Karl, I believe so yeah. But that doesn't explain the premature gray-ness though right?;)

Dan W said...

Again glad to see you are back again mr!Pym and size issues lol it's like the joke that was there right since Avengers #1 but no one dared say!

Hey now I'm back in kiwiland I've got my figures on-hand again. Maybe all of us could to an ode to Mr Morbid on all our blogs on the same day in your style?

Now I have to look up who this Anderson Cooper dude is...

Dale Bagwell said...

@Dan: Yes, you really do, and that would be unbelievably super fucking cool if you guys did:)

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