Thursday, June 20, 2013

So, Who Would Win? : Dr.Strange VS. Zatanna


So, getting right into the thick of it for today,
I was going to set up a fighting scenario between Dr.Strange and Dr. Fate, but then I saw via my tag labels, that I already did that one.


Well onto the next best pick, Zatanna.
What, you can't tell me that idea hasn't already been thought of and debated countlessly over the years.





Here's some quick stats in case you didn't already know.

Dr.Strange is Earth's(the MU Earth's) Sorcerer Supreme, meaning he's super fucking powerful. Not to mention all those years taught and tutored by the Ancient One, along with countless years of experience, has made Dr. Strange the premier magician with few peers, outside of Dr.Doom.

Also, and this should be mentioned in case things get physical, is that Dr. Strange knows Magic kung-fu. Yep, mystic kung-fu that he learned from his trusty manservant Wong.(Yeah I know, helluva name to give to the poor bastard)

Zatanna's no slouch either when it comes to magical knowledge.
Both her parents knew their way around magic, with her father being the golden age magician hero Zatarra, and her mother was from another dimension that was home to a mystical race called Homo Magi.
So magic runs in her blood....literally.

So while Zatanna rocks the top hat and stockings, Dr.Strange rocks his mystic cloak and powerful Eye of Agamotto amulet.

So......who'd win and why?

Let me know your picks in the comments section.

Last week's battle between Nightwing and Batman Beyond ended in an overwhelming decision that favored Dick going over Terry(ha ha).

Yeah, I saw that pretty much happening, since Dick's got the edge in experience and direct and on-the-job-training from Batman, whereas Terry learned from grouchy old Bruce who couldn't engage in the physical aspect of training Terry. But damn what a fight it'd be, that's for damn sure!

Have a good to great week


Randomnerd said...

Wow. You know how to cut me, don't you? I love Zatanna. LOVE her. She's been through the big books and the little ones, and stood up with the best occultists, magicians, and sorcerers of her time. Plus, she even took on raising a teenage magician at one point. And his girlfriend. That takes skills.
But I'd have to give it to Dr. Strange. He's just more overwhelmingly powered than she is. I think he'd feel really bad about it, though.
Now, if she could get Constantine to come help at some point, that bastard fights dirty...

Dale Bagwell said...

Now that really would be a helluva fight, Constantine vs. Doc Strange. On that one I'd be super heavily tempted to side with Constantine due to his unending supply of dirty ass tricks.

But as far as just Z, she'd last a good while no doubt about that, but yeah, I'm giving it to the Doc for that sheer amount of power you mentioned. Hell the just having the Eye of Agamotto should wrap it up fairly quickly.

Dan W said...

Sure you'd think one look at those fishnets and Strange would be a jibbering mess, but he used to fight side by side on the defenders with a well endowed blonde with pony tails so he knows about keeping his eye of agamotto on the job!

That said I'm going with Strange. Just he has taken on Mephisto, Doctor Doom and Thanos single handedly... I'm not sure Zatanna has had that kind of solo experience.

Still as anyone hurting Zatanna effectively constitutes a sin in the DCU, up next will be Spectre to get vengeance - then Doc's in trouble!

Dale Bagwell said...

'Tis true Dan, 'tis true Now that would rally be a fight for the ages, The Spectre vs. Dr. Strange. Oh hell, you just know they'll trigger another CRISIS-like event.

Randomnerd said...

Yeah, but that one would make sense. "Hey, why are you guys fighting and causing a cross dimensional rift?"
Spectre: "He tore a hole in Zatanna's stocking."
Oh. Okay. Carry on.

Dale Bagwell said...

Probably. Hell I've heard of worse reasons for starting world-altering events, so I guess I can go with that one. I guess one shouldn't estimate the mass appeal of stockings on a woman right?;)

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

i'd have to go with Doctor Strange. don't get me wrong i love Zatanna rather in the comic, Justice League Unlimited or Young Justice. but Strange is the Sorcerer Supreme. and yeah Nightwing gets the edge for the reasons you described.

Dale Bagwell said...

You know it Shlomo, Doc Strange by a long fucking mile on this one.

She'd probably have to spend 30 more years just try reach where he's at now.

The King of Thessaly said...

Zatanna wins by default because of fishnets- duh!

Randomnerd said...

I think I actually used that argument for a Black Canary vs. someone question once.

Dale Bagwell said...

@KingofTessaly: What's up man? Glad you could stop by and check out how things are on the blogger side:)

The King of Thessaly said...

@Dale Bagwell : Hey, guy... Your site has been bookmarked. Be seeing you around!

@Randomnerd : Yup- "Because Of Fishnets" WILL win ANY argument. Fact.

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