Monday, June 10, 2013

Road Head is the best head?

What's up people, and happy Monday....I think;)

I'll try and make this a full week of skits and stuff, but no promises, especially considering the temp computer I'm using and how long it'll last.

But have no fears, I stopped being lazy enough to take some pictures, and I've been writing down new skit ideas, so so far so good I think.

Also, since you've last heard from me I've bought quite a few figures. Well duh right?

Element Lad, Ultra Boy, Karate Kid(oh what fun I have in store for him) the NU52 Aquaman(yeah I know, I can't believe I did that too) Nightwing, Evil Ken from the Street Fighter games, the Scott Lang Ant-Man(which you already saw) Beta Ray Bill, and the new Marvel legends Hyperion figure, who looks sharp as hell and appropriately on the bulky side. Oh, and I have a new, well old, Bat-mobile that I got free.

So yeah, look for them and more to show up shortly and in the very near future.

Today's brief skit revolves around one word: Road Head....

Hmm, I think technically that's two, but I told you guys I'm bad at math;)

Hey, it could happen. That's all I'm saying:)

I'd like to throw a quick shout out and thank you to my favorite local comic shop owner, Barry, for giving me the idea to set that whole scene up.


Randomnerd said...

I had never before wondered if The Fantasticar had auto pilot. But you answered the question before I could even think of it. Well done, Mr. Morbid, and thank you Barry.
I'm not going to be able to think of anything else while I'm driving now.

karl said...

Hey where you get those LSH figures, me loves the Legion!
And that bathtub Fantasticar....yeah, I want one, now!
And the best head is what youre getting at the time [naturally]!

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

talk about a Fantastic Voyage.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Random: ha ha, that's what I was kinda going for. Go me right?;)

and yes, yes it does....

@Karl: I bought them from my local comic shop owner loose for about $12.
Can't beat that, especially when the full set w/ring will set you back at least $180 on up. I have more to get and trust me, that was not a goal I ever thought I'd attempt.

And you are correct sir, the best head usually is whatever head you're getting at the time:)

@Sholmo: You have no idea buddy. Oh, and in case you might've missed, it this scene all occurred right next to that lovely SS poster you sent me. Yep, it's all your fault;)

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

oh yeah i noticed. just like i think i noticed you changed your posting title?

Dan W said...

So glad to have you back buddy! The Legion is the best, how they don't have their own toy range is beyond me.

I used to think the only thing funnier than the FF's bathtub plane were people looking up and seeing Lynda Carter sitting on her butt flying across the sky at Mach 3.

So good you are back.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Shlomo: yeah it just didn't have the title I wanted the first time is all.

@Dan: Thx buddy, glad to be back for now:)

I don't know why they don't either, specially considering the sheer number of Legion members there are, from both rebooted and regular continuity. They should have their own line basically, but with the current state of the DCUC/DC Unlimited lines, who knows if and when that'll ever happen.

Oh, and I'd gladly watch Lynda Carter's ass fly by if this was back in the day. hell, she still looks hot for her age:)

Tiger OA1 said...

Yeah, Linda Carter has set the standard for wonder Woman and she's a timeless beauty.

I would have lost it if Namor had of been in the drivers seat. That's my favorite love triangle that never is.

Randomnerd said...

I wanted to BE Linda Carter. I used to twirl in the living room while watching Wonder Woman. Recently I saw Sky High, and she played the principal. The kids had no idea why I was so excited. She's still gorgeous.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Random: haven't seen that movie myself, but I bet she is. The last movie I saw her in was Super Troopers and I'd still hit that. WONDER WOMAN!!!!!!

@Omega:You know what? I never would've rally put them together, but it does make sense sine they're both royalty. Plus he's a bad boy, so the sex would be awesome, but she wouldn't want to date him long-term.

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