Monday, May 06, 2013

"You picked a fine time to leave me Lucielle"

Hey people.

So here's the story.

Two weeks ago last Saturday I was attempting to use my computer while out of town. I couldn't acess any internet connections due to the all of the connections being secure/password-portected. Fine, no biggie.

Well the next time I went to use my laptop, it wouldn't turn on. And such has been the case this whole time.
That's right folks, with the exception of today, I haven't had internet access like I liked to have for the last two weeks now.

I'm not sure what the problem is, sincer the computer won't even turn/power on, so later on, probably even next month when I have more $, I can take it in to get looked at. So for know, no new posts or updates.

As it is I'm forced to use the public library again for internet access, so my internet appearences will be very sporadic at best until I can get my laptop fixed.

And yes, I have really and truly missed you all as you would expect. You're my people, and your morbid king misses you:(

So that's where I'm at for today.

I hope you guys are all doing well, and keeping on, keeping on.

Oh and it was free comic book day last saturday, so I hope you guys were able to take advantage of this most special of holidays for comic fans like ourselves. I know I got lots of nice free comics myself:)

So until next time,
take it easy people......


Tiger OA1 said...

It's ok man, we'll be here when you get back. You know the same thing happened to me just a little while ago.

googum said...

Yep, I know you'll be back when you can. Hopefully I'll have internet then--figure something'll get wrecked in the move!

Dale Bagwell said...

Thanks you guys. You're support really, rally helps;)

karl said...

Its awful when my computer goes awry, so I can sympathize, really. Esp when you've spent ages writing/typing something out only for it to suddenly power down or switch itself off. Here in the backward UK we have something called laughingly a 'broadband allowance' and if one goes over that, your internet is turned off. Its happened twice to me in the past month, right in the middle of me downloading, er, local weather forecasts and gardening tips [shamefaced smiley].
Its very frustrating when the only thing that's gone down on me lately has been my laptop.
Anyway Im off to pick up my free comic books - we get a lucky dip in our comic-shops so who knows what is there!

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