Thursday, June 13, 2013

So, who would win: Batman Beyond Vs. Nightwing

TGIT, and thank god for a full week's worth of all new material right?
Ha ha, hey that's what I'm here for.

So, getting straight down to the shit, today's quick post is super obvious unless you didn't read the title.

Who would win in a straight-up fight between Terry McGuinness, the Batman of a possible future.....

                                                 ........and the original sidekick, Nightwing?

Right off the bat(no pun intended) I see this as an extremely long fight, lasting hours.
Both were trained by Batman, yet only Nightwing as the former Robin, actually physically trained with Bruce, as opposed to just being trained by Bruce on the sidelines.

I'd even argue that Dick's slightly older than Terry, and vastly more skilled when it comes to deductive reasoning and fighting prowess.

But what Terry lack in experience, he seems to more than make up in being able to make up for it by his inventiveness and suit full of toys.

This would make for a hell of a fight, and you'd just have to have both Old Bruce and current Bruce watching this thing go down and commenting on it. Could you imagine seeing Old Bruce and current Bruce try to out grump/crouch each other? Comedic gold people, comedic gold!

So, Batman Beyond VS. Nightwing......
Who wins? Who loses?

Place your bets in the comments section.

Have a good weekend folks;)


Randomnerd said...

And of course, you have to take into account the fact that Terry is, genetically, Bruce's son.
Even with that, though, I'd have to give the edge to Nightwing. Good ole Dick has been studying Bruce's ways for a long long time. And the analytical mind that goes along with it would be two steps ahead of Terry at the finishing line. Terry has had no chance to the opposite, and although much of Nightwing's skillset comes from The Dark Knight, he has just enough of his own talents to confound the new guy. I'm not so sure Terry could eventually defeat Dick unless he had Bruce orchestrating the battleground.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Random: True, and probably yeah, Terry just might need the edge over Dick that only Bruce could give him. But let's say Terry had time to study Dick's moves and skills, like Bullseye did with Elektra, then what?

Other than that, yeah, I'd have to give this one to Dick.

Randomnerd said...

That might be a case of too close to call. I honestly can't say which one would edge out the other. But it would be one helluva fight.

Dale Bagwell said...

Oh it damn sure would. I'd still give it Nightwing. He's just has that experience edge plus his acrobatic background that not even Bruce could match.

Randomnerd said...

Plus he's got a better name. You know what I mean.

Dale Bagwell said...

Ha ha, yes I do;)

Tiger OA1 said...

This is hard one dude. Random makes a strong point. Does Bruce orchestrate the fight? Or is Terry the the adult version that we see breaking into Amanda Wallers's place of business? Either one of those two coupled with that suit and......I don't know?

I like em both and I'm kinda pulling for Nightwing but I want to be fair. This is too damn hard to call man.

Dale Bagwell said...

It is isn't it? That's an interesting scenario with the JLU version of McGuiness. I still say Dick wins, but what fun and horror for old Bruce to watch right?

Dan W said...

Nightwing - Grayson could take down anyone. Sure he hates the way Bats studies his friends but I think subconsciously Dick does it as a reflex, he just isn't as old that he needs to save it too a disk.

There's only one way a guy in elf shoes gets taken seriously. The hard way.

Dale Bagwell said...

But of course, ha ha. Excellent analysis and description of one Dick Grayson there Dan. Right on mate;)