Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I'm no bastard! I'm Jim Lee"

Happy Hump Day people!!!!

More on the quote in a bit.

So today I figured I'd do puff article(as Dan likes to call em)meaning a filler piece.

Anyhoo, today I just wanted to briefly talk about famous writer/artist, and one of the current top guys @ DC Comics, Jim Lee.

Yes  I know, he may be on certain people's hit list for where he's at and the political maneuvers he may be apart of in the corporate hierarchy of DC, but that's not what I want to discuss.

Nope, I'd like to focus on the aspect of Jim Lee we all fell in love with years ago; his artistic ability.
And to be more specific, I'm counting down to the top 5 comic book characters he hasn't drawn or spent a lot of time drawing. And yes I know that's hard to do, when he's drawn a lot of popular and not-so-popular characters over the years. So, here's my list of who and what titles I'd like to see Lee draw:

5). The Silver Surfer

Now Jim Lee did draw a pin-up of ol' Norrin Radd some many years ago, and then there's the Heroes reborn version he draw in the late 90's, and of course the odd sketch here and there, but that was only like a cock tease to me. Think about it, around the early 90's, the Silver Surfer had his own popular title and was also smack dab in the middle of Jim Starlin's Infinity Trinity of events consisting of the Infinity Gauntlet, Infinity War, and the Infinity Crusade. And they were all beautifully drawn by Ron Lim, who's grossly underrated. Now, sit back and imagine if Lee had drawn either the Surfer's issues and/or those Infinity events. They'd be even more kick-ass right? Yeah I think so too.

4). The Justice Society of America

I don't know about you guys, but when I saw this panel in the 2007 free comic book day edition of JLA#0, I was like "Hell yeah!"

Why? because Jim Lee just drew  Earth-2, and specifically the JSA.
I imagine if anything was to give those golden oldies of yesteryear a nice buzz or shot in the arm publicity-wise, it'd be a Jim Lee drawn JSA one-shot or mini-series. Yeah....let that concept set in for a minute.

3). Legion of Super Heroes

I'll never profess to being a huge Legion fan, but I know people there are. But hey, Jim Lee could draw just about anybody or anything, and I'd be interested. So when I saw these mock Legion covers Lee drew, even I had to sit back and take notice. Could it be that maybe Jim Lee could help restart or boast interest in the Legion as a concept simply with his art? Could be, could be......

2). Spider-Man

A lot of people, famous artists and the like, have all drawn Spidey, except for maybe Lee. Alright, he's done a sketch or two, but nothing on a somewhat regular basis or anything big.

The prospect of a Spider-Man mini or one-shot with Jim Lee art is mouth-watering. Seriously, Lee's done wonders and iconic takes on Superman and Batman, why not Spider-Man?

1). The Avengers

Yeah I know, Lee drew the Avengers, but sort of. He drew the Heroes Reborn Avengers covers. There's a big difference there.

Nope, I'd like to see the REAL Avengers get the Lee treatment, like say the classic team, or even Lee drawing the adventures of the original line-up/founders. Now that would really be "Sweet As" as Dan would say;)

Oh, so about that quote...
It's a paraphrased quote from the 1993 movie about Bruce Lee, in a scene where some guy calls him a bastard, and Lee goes "I'm no bastard! I'm Bruce Lee!" 
Ha ha, classic response.


Randomnerd said...

I think I've seen that Bruce Lee movie a hundred times. Love it!
Great list too. Like I said, I'd really like to see the Legion one. Especially right now, when the artwork is tanking so hard.
Spiderman is so obvious I can't believe I didn't think of it. I can't believe he hasn't done it, actually.

Dale Bagwell said...

I really enjoy that movie too. The casting was so dead-on.

I really believe a Lee Legion project would do wonders for its stock and get eyes focused back on them.
Sure it's a quick fix, no doubt, but what a fix it'd be.

And yes, Spidey's a no-brainer. How the hell has there been no official Spider-man Lee work yet? And no, covers don't count.

Dan W said...

Two plugs in one post! How influential can one kiwi be? :-) I'm finally shooting my own action figure skit this weekend too so if I crash and burn instead of claiming influence you'll have to deny all knowledge!

Jim Lee used to mention on his Myspace page quite a bit that he was a massive Legion fan so I think he'd have gotten quite a buzz out of those covers as us fans did. He's one guy who vould deffinitely make the 31st century feel futuristic too.

Spidey he stated was difficult but to see him do Venom or Black Cat I would ask him to endure. Silver Surfer - hell yes! Lee drawing Radd vs Thanos vs Mephisto would be awesome!

I'd also like to see him tackle the Masters of the Universe too. His Skeletor, Evil-Lyn, Sorceress and Battle Cat would really be domething else!

Dale Bagwell said...

@Dan: Alright Dan, hells yeah! Now no pressure or anything..'yeah right;)
Wait, don't tell me, I think I want to be surprised about who you're doing.

And remember, there's no wrong way to do it, just make em talk like how you've always wanted them to talk.

Just thinking about what the Infinity Saga could've looked like if Lee has stuck around to draw them makes my mind's mouth water.
Like the scene with Thanos standing triumphant over the heroes, choking the Hulk, or anyone of the big huge scenes...

A Jim Lee Black Cat? Sold! Venom? sold! Carnage and a re-designed Sinister Six? Sold and do want to see!

A Lee MOTU? Hmm, that'd be nice.

karl said...

Legion of Super-Heroes and Fantastic Four are my favourite comics but not even Lee could save it with his art...
Whatta am me saying, kemosabe...nothing could make me like Lee#s work.
Im just glad he only got to do the LSH covers and not the interiors.

Hey, I still have my MySpace page!

Dale Bagwell said...

@Karl: really? You brave, brave soul. I created a new profile myself, but I'm really leaning on deleting it again. Just doesn't look right to me.

Not a big Lee fan huh? Now again, politics and job position aside, I do enjoy his art, especially back in the day. But yeah, one could say all his art and characters look alike. well yeah they do;it's how he brands his work.It's his signature.

But yeah, I don't see him saving either of those title in the long-term. Short-term? Big sales boost.

Ce La Vie....
But thanks for stopping by Karl, always a treat man;)

Randomnerd said...

I look at it this way: at this point, what have they got to lose?

@Dan: I can't wait to see you play with your doll...ahem...action figures! This will be a treat. :)

Do you think artists don't like to draw spidey because of all the lines? I've never thought about that before, but it could get to be a pain in the ass.

Dale Bagwell said...

You'd think so huh Random. I know I'd hate it. I believe even Todd McFarlene kinda has his issues with it. But that Mark Bagely, that man's a champ for all the years he drew Spidey and made it look effortless.

The King of Thessaly said...

I've always been a big Jim Lee fan, I freaked right the fuck out when he started doing Batman, but I've never seen his Silver Surfer before! HOLY SHIT!!!
Ron Lim IS my Silver Surfer artist- that's the Surfer I see in my head any time he's mentioned (and you are so right about him being underrated) but damn... that shit is McDonald's...
Because I'm lovin' it!

Dale Bagwell said...

@King: Oh he is, he really, really is. And same here about Lim being the quintessential Surfer artist. He still is for me, and that's with all the other artists that have drawn the Surfer over the years like Jim Starlin, John Buschema, George Perez, and the like.

Thx for stopping by dude. Hope you didn't get a DUI on the way over here;)

Randomnerd said...

Oh what i wouldn't give to meet George Perez. But I don't think I could handle the legal fees.

Don't worry Dale, I'm sure he just caught a lift with MODOK. ;)

Dan W said...

Random - the lines are exactly what Lee mentioned were the downsides to drawing Spidey. He said they are hard to make look 3d. I've only drawn Spidey once and it was hard for me too so I'm glad I have at least one thing in common with the guy at the top of the food chain!

Dale I have only a limited number of action figures so what they can say is pretty limited but I think it will be fun for a one off - unless I become addicted that is ;)

My definitive Silver Surfer artist is Joe Jusko. I know he's a painter but it's true.

Randomnerd said...

I've only ever done them with frosting, and that was a pain and a half. I'd rather make Hello Cthulhu again.

I can't imagine drawing it panel after panel.

Dale Bagwell said...

Dan: That's a good choice actually. I wouldn't have thought of him as THE Silver Surfer artist, but then he can make just about anybody look good. maybe enough horrible 90's X-Men members like Marrow and Maggot.

And hey, Frank Franzetta was mostly a painter, as is Alex Ross, so good company there.

Random: You made a Hello Cthulhu cake? Damn, you must be like the coolest mom ever(besides mine that is;)

Randomnerd said...

I have very strange children. Of which I am very proud. :) No other little girl asked for a Hello Cthulhu cake. I'm blessed to have the opportunity to make tentacles out of Marzipan.

Dale Bagwell said...

yeah, that's cool. A but unusual, but still cool. Go Cthulhu Cake!!!!;)

The King of Thessaly said...

@Dale: For sure! I have his entire Surfer run from when they came out. I remember being SO PISSED when there was a fill-in-artist! Underrated just like Mark Bagley...
And don't worry- I drive BETTER when I've HAD A FEW!!!

@Random: Hell no! M.O.D.O.K. only accepts ASS for a lift. I offered him cash AND grass but he only wanted head!

@Dan: Yeah, he paints a mean Silver Surfer- so does Julie Bell!

Tiger OA1 said...

I missed the whole damn conversation. But McDonalds it is, Jim Lee can make any team look good. And make everybody pay attention. It might be a quick fix. But a damn good high while it last.

Tiger OA1 said...

I almost forgot, the new look is good and that cat is putting in some work.

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