Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I hate you NU52, but I like your action figures....

Happy Hump Day Chidrens;)

So, I figured I'd briefly discuss where I'm at opinion-wise regarding DC's NU52 reboot project that's already a year and a half in.

I still hate it. I still feel it was and is, unnecessary.
Sure they are those that think it was a totally bad thing, both for the market/sales and supposed new influx of readers,which was supposedly the main goal of the whole reboot in the first place.

And sure, initially, sales spiked of course. But they sure have seemed to level off since then.
In fact, most of the new lines' titles, with the exception of titles like Batman and Green Lantern, are at the same number of sales as the old continuity issues.  Just saying.

Then there are the other glaring reasons for my dislike, which many of you already know, or feel the same way about, but here's some of the main ones for me:

-The extreme mis-characterization of established characters: (i.e. the new gay Alan Scott, the dumbing-down off Batman, Green Arrow, Wonder Girl being an amateur tomb-raider slut, The Creeper, the lack off, or just plain bland cookie-cutter personalities of almost all the heroes and villains)

-The horrible re-designs: (i.e. Raven of the Teen Titans, Superman's costume, the unwarranted transformation of the once proud Bronze Tiger, Hawkman's new look)

-The total, no massive, editorial interference: (i.e. writers like Andy Diggle, and the new roster of GL writers that up and quit after only one or two issues in)

This has become a major problem despite promises from the top heads during a major meeting retreat, where writers/artists were  told they'd be allowed to do what they were hired to do without a lot of hassle or interference. That never happened, or only lasted about a week or two.

I highly suggest going to BleedingCool.Com for news are articles about this. Oh and while you're there, go find the interview with Paul Jenkins. He's written a lot of popular titles for both of the big two, and he discusses just how bad the books have become editorial-driven.

There's more of course, and I've gone over a good bit of them, but you get the point.
Now DC's got a new fall event, the "Forever Evil" Villain Month event, where the Villains take over their respective heroic foes' titles or what not. Yeah, we seen this before. Villain cover month from the old DCU a few years ago, Marvel's Acts of Vengeance, and oh yeah, DC did it also back in '05 during Infinite Crisis.

I'm complaining because it doesn't feel earned yet. There hasn't been enough build up or characterization to warrant this happening yet. Maybe I'm in the minority here about this, but just blah.

It's like if you were to put a shiny new coat of paint on a decapitated, old house, or buying new seat covers for a car that hasn't been repaired yet. Just doesn't make sense.

Here's just a link or two to some anti-NU52 blogs in case you guys are interested:



Alright so on to the more positive stuff, namely the figures.

So for myself, I had no intention whatsoever about buying any NU52 figures. If I don't care for the comics and how things are going, why buy the figures?

Then Goo started buying them himself and started putting out skits with them in there. This forced me to step back and look at them in a new perspective. After all, it wasn't their fault, they were made that way.

Plus they didn't look all that bad, although I still haven't been able to force myself to buy the NU52 Superman yet. His face is just off. He looks like a monkey-boy really.

But so far I've only bought NU52 Hawkman(whose costume should and doesn't work in the comics or in real life unless Philip Tan is drawing it) and NU52 Aquaman. They're not that bad, and I plan on making fun of them as often as I deem necessary.

So yeah, maybe NU52 Flash, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman might be bought next. I don't know, but I do know my local store's selling for $20 a piece, and even I have a hard time knocking that deal:)

In closing, I will acknowledge that it's not like the creative teams aren't working to entertain us. I for one enjoyed Geoff Johns run for awhile. You can't easily dismiss all the contributions and new characters he added to the GL mythos. In fact, I really enjoyed his last issue that closed out his run. He allowed the opportunity for other writers to pick up and play with his toys, and have their own adventures with them. I enjoyed the pleasant endings he gave to some of those toys. I won't spoil them for you, but I will say there are truly happy endings in store, and one really cool, but surprising future in store for Sinestro;)

It's just that with a whole host of problems the reboot brought, in addition to massive timeline discrepancies, it makes it hard to enjoy what's being produced.

And I also won't pretend that sometimes revisions and updates are necessary. Just look at how recently diseased comic legend Julius Schwartz revamped and re-designed the old golden age heroes, and transformer them into the popular silver age versions we love and recognize now.

What if it hadn't worked? What if those kids who bought the adventures of their golden age heroes decided they didn't care for these new versions?
Not to mention, what if unlike the brilliant ideas that are still being ripped off from yesteryear,  never caught on and were equally hated?

I guess you'd get the NU52.

I'll leave you with a quote from brave blogger Lizard; he runs his own comic review blog, but has some funny ass commentary on it. I highly recommend giving it a try.
Here's the link:

"The New 52(universe) is like an Elseworlds' version or the Preboot universe."

I'd like to add and amend that statement further, by stating the NU52 universe is an Elseworld's version of the Preboot universe that went on way, way too long.


Randomnerd said...

I said it from the beginning, if they wanted to frak around with the characters they'd be better off doing what Marvel did with the Ultimate universe. Start with a major book or two and add more if it warrants it. But no. They preferred to do a comic book industry equivalent of Superman's kiss in Superman 2. And man, that plot device sucked the first time.

Dale Bagwell said...

Yes, yes it did. I wonder why it was even in there. I get why, but the

A major issue that hasn't been addressed really is the whole time thing. How can Batman have been Batman for 5 years, and fit in three, maybe four robins in that amount of time? Just BS.

Tiger OA1 said...

I don't think they know the current state of the DCU could crush a whole pocket of fans and fan money.

maybe they believe what they pick up in new fans are better than what they had. I believe in making new friends and keeping the old ones as well. Because it's no replacing fans that bleed the team colors.

Dan W said...

They should have learned with the core mistake Marvel made with the Ultimate universe and that is your easy to jump on universe is only unentangled with history until it gets to issue six, otherwise it's like like how you left it.

The other thing that fully hurt DC was that some characters were completely overhauled and others not, and yet that meant the existing continuity had to have happened just like the new one did. How can Nightwing be Nightwing without the Teen Titans? Donna Troy? Wally? The JSA? The latter was once DC's hit book, now it doesn't even exist because marketing wanted the League to be first. Take away the hereditary notion of mantles being passed on and you chop at what defines DC. The Society inspired the League.

The whole notion of 'needs a revamp' is twisted logic. What's next - revamped Bible stories where Jesus and The Disciples are a 12 piece opening act for Taylor Swift? Just tweak as you tell the story if you have to, don't start from fricken scratch again just because you want Lois to submit her first Superman story via an iPad rather than a typewriter. Who the ^%%$ cares!?

God Marvel must love reading new DC comics on Wednesdays.

Randomnerd said...

Again, it's the whole idea of actually allowing creative writers freedom on a book, but within the confines of history. Which can be done, I think they just got lazy.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Tiger: Exactly. I think they overestimated the amount of new fans and their money that would cover any old fans leaving, as what happens anyways naturally. They then underestimated just how much outrage was shown from older fans, but failed to address or correct certain mistakes or mis-ideas to help keep said older fans at least interested long enough to stick past the first story arc. Either way DC has a long way to go in my book before they ever reach where they were quality-wise years ago.

@Dan: Right? Oh they kept the Society around, they're just shunted off to another world, which is fine in the sense that that's how it was back in the silver age, but to regress like this, just ugh.

And I miss wally too. He was my Flash growing up, like how for some, Kyle Rayner is another generations' GL. The Titans are just god-awful, but they seems to be the trend with DC; the Titans(outside of their golden years and Wolfman's run) rarely got the love and respect they deserve comic-wise. The cartoons are fine though.

@Random: yes, yes they did. Incredibly lazy as writers like Scott Lobdell and Adam Glass have shown us.

Randomnerd said...

It's really amazing. The one comic that should have been easy peasey to reboot (again) was Legion of Super Heroes. And they managed to frak that up but good too.
Don't get me started on Titans. I actually thought that book was doing well after they morphed the Young Justice team into it. They had a new trifecta in charge, with real friendship and the bonds of growing up into something better together. And then they just wiped it out.

Dale Bagwell said...

Yep, just like the Preboot continuity; POOF and gone:(

karl said...

The Hawkman action figures are the best - I have the Golden Age and Silver Age versions of Katar and Shay. Their costumes make great figures an I cant wait for the Nu52 version.

My friend Stephanie fancies Hawkman because he has a hairy chest and looks so macho. I have to remind her hes a fictional comic character. She's mad, btw.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Karl: Yeah I feel same way about the figures...not the hairy chest thing, lol.

I recently bought the wave 19 GA Hawkman w/the two heads, and he's my favorite! I don't normally like the NU52 costume design myself. Outside of Philip Tan(who created the new look) no one else's managed to pull it off. Yet as an action figure, it strangely works. Crazy.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

thanks for the heads up on that anti-DC52 facebook page Dale. i posted some of the anti-Suicide Squad reboot art i've done in the last year.

Dale Bagwell said...

No problem Shlomo. Anything for the cause right?;)

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