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Back-Issue Spotlight: Excalibur#14 (Vol.1)


So I watched Arrow last night, and  it wasn't too bad. More action in this episode for sure, but what a waste of a set-up regarding the villain of the week, Mr.Finch.

He started out bad-ass, killing his lawyer really quick and sneakily, and then had a bad-ass line that related to his stay in prison, Iron Heights, to be exact(Fans of the not so old DC continuity ought to remember that popular place, especially in regards to the Wally West Flash stories)

He said just like in prison, you have to find the biggest, baddest guy there, and take him down, and that Arrow qualified as the biggest, baddest guy at the moment.

Then he kidnaps Laurel, who did manage to hold her own against Finch's thugs, before being taken out by a taser. "Nothing blocks a taser" he says. Funny and true.

But then after that he's taken down rather too easily, despite Arrow complaining that his hideout was built like a fortress, and that he couldn't take it alone. But that's exactly what he does, while Laurel's father sneaks in for the cheap-shot on Finch.  Totally nonsensical.

The only other thing worth a damn, was the flashback part.
Apparently the masked guy we all thought was Deathstroke, a.k.a. Slade Wilson, really wasn't.

Nope. He was Deathstroke's former partner in the AISAustralian Intelligence Service. And that they both wore the same type of Deathstroke mask to as a means to not be identified or something like that. They were sent to retrieve the Chinese hooded guy, but shit went sour, and Slade was forced to hide out.

Idk, it could still be a load of shit, but that's where we stand on that one. I guess the real Slade's gonna' be the main guy to train Ollie now or something like that, before they go rescue the hooded dude.

So yeah, I guess Deathstroke's an Aussie now. Dan should get a good kick out of that one.

Oh, and the show ends with Ollie confronting his mother over the other notebook Walter found.

Next week's preview teases us with his mother actually shooting and nearly killing Ollie, and the obligatory near-death fantasy experience that's really, really super-cliche' now. Hmm.

But yesterday wasn't a total bust.
Nope, I bought more action figures yesterday. Hey, I told you it was sickness and I wasn't lying;)

I was too late to buy the loose DCUC wave 10 Joker figure I had my eye on, but I did manage to snag the wave 1 Penguin figure, a ML Havok, Captain Britain, and blue variant Angel figure.

The day before I bought the huge ML Juggernaut figure and ML Kang.
I'm telling you, that Juggernaut figure is solid and huge, so expect plenty of rape jokes to come featuring him.

And now, onto today's Spotlighted Back Issue.....

Today's pick is Excalibur#14(Vol.1) from November 1989, "Too Many Heroes" by Chris Claremont and Alan Davis.
Ahh, love this cover;)

This takes me back to when this actually came out. I hadn't moved from West Germany yet, and was visiting the states for the 1st time, specifically Florida where my grandma lived.
I remember I was at the beach, because only in states like FLA, CA, and Hawaii can you actually go to the beach in November, and stopped by an Eckard's drugstore. Remember them?

Anyhoo, this was sitting in the spinner rack, and for some reason the cover just stood out to me amongst all the other comics on the rack. I don't know why, but it just did. 

Seriously though, how cool is that wraparound cover right?

So despite never having picked up a single issue of Excalibur before, I did with this one, just based off the cover alone. Hey, it wasn't the 1st time, and it damn sure won't be the last;)

This issue was part of a a few issue mini-event, dubbed The Cross-Time Caper, where the gang went through different dimensions and alternative worlds that usually were fucked up in a very wacky and funny way.
This particular world is ultimately deemed to be to stupid to live by Galactus...or a Galactus, not sure on that one.

You'll see why if you pick this one up, but mostly it's a world filled to the brim with countless jokes, jabs, and   
humorously ridiculous versions of your favorite Marvel Universe heroes and villains.

Here's some examples:

Cracking on Wolverine's super-cliche' trademark line. It was actually ahead of it's time, as I don't think it had quite wore thin yet, but it could really apply now.

An inside crack on both Claremont and John Byrne.

Baby Hulk. Just hysterical.

And there's plenty more gags as well like:

-Medusa getting a haircut
-Bullseye getting the William Tell treatment by Hawkeye w/ an arrow to the head.
-A funny FF that has all of the normal powers mixed up, like Sue being a Thing.

There's more of course, but you really should read this one to spot them all.

This was a very solid period for the book, with both Claremont and Davis doing a damn fine job entertaining the fans with their unique brand of humor, and basically that's essentially what this book was for awhile, a comedy featuring super-heroes. Hence the emphasis on the word "Comic" book.

Alas this world is doomed to end by Galactus' hand, as the team manages to get the hell out of dodge right before that happens.

Like I said, this is a funny read, with funny gags, so do yourself a favor and pick this one up in case you don't already have it. You won't regret it.

And that's me for this week.
Have a good weekend people wherever you may be:)

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