Monday, February 25, 2013

80's Theme Week: Day 1

Well not exactly.......

Mondays, am I right?;)

So in the interest of trying new stuff, and the lack of photo-ops due to shitty, rainy weather, I figured I'd do themed weeks, staring with the 80's all this week.

Yep, I'be randomly spotlight different shows and music, toys, etc. that had an impact on me growing up.

For today, I decided I'd briefly talk about such shows like Double Dare and TJ Hooker. Random choices I know, but it'll work.

Was there anything more quintessentially 80's for kids, than the kids' game show, Double Dare?

Ah Double Dare. I don't know about you, but this was the show that introduced the concept of such timeless, classic fashion wear such as Jordache and Gitano Jeans? Good love those fashion failures of the past;)
Mark Summers, hell of a host, now stuck in the hell that is Infomercials;)

Every weekend you'd tune in to see 2 teams of 2 kids on what was basically a quiz show, like Family Feud, but for kids, answers questions in an attempt to be allowed the privilege to beat the shit out of themselevs in a fun maze of obstacle courses. Kind of like Gym Class, but on technicolor-coated crack;)

And of course there was slime. Plenty of fucking slime!
Yeah, those guys don't look gay or not happy to see that much industrial strength Anal Ease at all;)

Here's some clips:

Hard to believe the that the original show lasted from 1986-1993, but it did, spawning spin-offs like Family Double Dare, Celebrity Double Dare, and some other specials. Of course by then. the show and its popularity had dwindled a good bit,  but video games, and other Double Dare products seemed to still sell well.

Of course by the time Double Dare 2000 appeared in the air, the show and concept were pretty much dead, and other kids' shows inspired by Double Dare began to take off. 

Still,  I can fondly remember the first time I watched this crazy fun show, wishing I could be a lucky contestant that dug for flags under fake, slimy nostrils

and this; plenty and plenty of this!:

Good times, and a hell of a trend-setter, if not the trend-setter of all kids quiz shows.

And show numero dos?

How about this?

Yep, TJ Hooker y'all!!!!!!
I was too young to even tell you if this show was any good, despite it starring William "Call me Captain Kirk" Shatner as the lead crusty veteran cop.

The only reason, and I repeat, THE ONLY REASON I watched this show was all because of this woman:
                                                             *Cue Dream Weaver by Gary Wright;)

Yep, the quintessential 80's pin-up girl, and forever the object of my long-standing crush, Miss Heather Locklear stole my heart after only seeing her once. From there I was hooked, and thus the main reason(besides Shatner I guess;) to watch the show in the 1st place.

If only I had been older, rich and famous(and had a little blow on the side) I could've ended up as Mr. Locklear and not Tommy Lee or Richie Sambora. 'Sigh'

Sweet God I'd have laid her down and made sweet, sweet love to her. Good God!!!!!!

Did I mention she was also starring in another show at the same time she appeared on Hooker? Yeah, Dynasty bitches!!!!

My lady was working that shit!

My love affair with her would continue on into the 90's with a little show called Melrose Place.
Ahh, but that's whole 'nother tale for another time.


Randomnerd said...

The one obstacle I remember the most from Double Dare was the nose picking one. Ah yes, allowing kids to finally have a reason to stick their hand all the way up there. No wonder my mom hated the show so much.
I never saw T.J. Hooker when it was on originally, but I did catch reruns along with Charlie's Angels. I just remember thinking it was funny when Shatner did "stunts" like rolling over the top of a car. Because it looked just like he was fighting an alien on Star Trek.

Dale Bagwell said...

He basically was Captain Kirk, but in blue cop's uniform, chasing regular bad guys, instead of aliens. Like I said, I mostly watched the show because of Heather Locklear. I don't remember too much else but her and how hot she looked.

It's the same reason I watched The Fall Guy w/Lee Majors; the hot blond, also named Heather, Heather Thomas.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

i'll take the physical challenge with Heater Locklear.

Dale Bagwell said...

brother, I'd have given a leg or arm or both just to do that;)

karl said...

I have an old interview with Heather ['Growing up Disgracefully'] from an old Sunday magazine, around the time both these shows were on the air. She mentioned two things - TJ Hooker was filmed in the daytime and Dynasty usually filmed at night and she would often nip from one to the other in one day, and during the 1983 season [when Heather as Sammy Jo only appeared occasionally in Dynasty] her part in Hooker was increased accordingly.
She also mentioned how Dynasty during its 'between seasons' would be repeated in the afternoons, and that she could always spot which type of fan recognised her - daytime for Dynasty fans and nightime for fans of TJ Hooker!

Dale Bagwell said...

Pretty much yeah. I didn't watch a lot of Dynasty, maybe a little Dallas, but I did watch some TJ Hooker and Melrose Place specifically for her;)

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