Monday, February 18, 2013

"A Night At The Gallery"

Happy Monday/President's Day.....

Don't worry, this guy knows how you feel:
Oh and it gets better...or worse depending on your point of view;)

Yes, I really did take pictures of a dead roach in my toilet. What you don't either?;)

And that's just the start of today's gallery of shame, I mean fun.

Big House of a 1000 Corpses fan much?

That cleared that up;)

Quick! Find him somebody to love! Maybe he'll have better luck than Freddie Mercury;)

Free advertisement for my local comic shop, Nuklear Comix.

Here's some more stuff of me just basically fucking around w/different filters:

 Havok Vs. Cyclops: The Pretend Epic Battle:

 This was a Thor Desktop project I was working on:

I call it Ringo Tarot

Can you notice the difference?

And finally.....
 Another bit of free advisement for the same comic shop:

That should hold you Morbidians until tomorrow;)


Randomnerd said...

I think I've got the difference. But I'll keep things light, cause it's Monday, and everyone's in a bad mood. Poor cockroach.

Did you let him go after you tortured him for your photo shoot? ;)

Dale Bagwell said...

Make it as light or heavy as you want to Random, I can take it 'cause I'm hardcore;)

I let him go after the photo shoot, and when I say I let him go, I mean I flushed his sorry ass, sending him to fishy heaven.

Hey, he was an extra who wanted to get paid. Fuck that I said, so I showed him his pay. A free ride to a watery grave;) Well I thought it was funny.

Randomnerd said...

I'm sure he was laughing at the social commentary all the way to his just rewards. :)

Dale Bagwell said...

Maybe on the inside he was;) But yeah, I'd like to think he died for a good cause, my, and your, amusement;)

Randomnerd said...

The best cause. Except, you know, for all of those others that help people with diseases and stuff.

But they have telethons and concerts.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

about a month ago i caught one of those little mother fuckers in my bathroom and i busted out the RAID. but instead of just spraying it also got out a lighter and lit em up. it may sound cruel but i think that took him out faster then the poisoning effect of the spray.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Randomnerd: Exactly. I wonder though, if I were to ever hold a telethon, what celebrity, if any, would want to show up to one being sponsored by someone named Mr. Morbid.

I could be wrong though;)

@Shlomo, not me brother, not me. Now while I don't openly condone violence to animals, I more than openly support it against Roaches, ants, fleas/ticks, and mosquitoes. I don't know what possible purpose they serve, but since science hasn't figured it out, then fuck em! Let the those little bastards die.

Wish you had taken video of that roach-burning though, sounds fun. I did do that to a toad once; I found him and but in a neighbor's shoe box, and lit the whole damn thing on fire. Poor bastard was cooking! You could see him ribbit while his skin/pores were bubbling up. Very cool back in the day.

And now you know why I'll never be invited to a PeTA benefit;)

Randomnerd said...

@Dale. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds? Might be a bit of a downer though. I think Weird Al would probably get a kick out of the blog. And he could sing Yoda. Which I long to hear live. Yes, I am that old.

@ Shlomo, I second the opinion that we should have seen video of this. And if you ever do a repeat performance you should be prepared. Set up the cameras now. And wear you Thundercats outfit.

Dale Bagwell said...

Randomnerd: You just got that much cooler in my eyes; not everybody was as as cool as you are about that story w/the toad, and probably Shlomo's as well. But the sheer image/sight of Shlomo in a Thundercat's outfit re-enacting that scene? Comedic gold!!!!!;)

Weird Al huh? Yeah I guess I could see him doing a Mr.Morbid telethon. He'd be one of the few celebrities brave enough and wacky enough to actually consider do it.

But I'd like to see him sing "White and Nerdy" and "Amish Paradise" if he's showing up;)

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