Thursday, December 20, 2012

"Good Times"

TGIF people!

The following skit was not performed before a live studio audience....but it'd been cooler if it was:)

Later that day.....(but in a totally unrelated incident)

And cue show credits........



Ha ha:)

Have a good weekend folks, and see on Christmas Eve.......


Omega Agent1 said...

Another good one. I hear Parker isn't Spiderman anymore. It's a new guy.

Luke's right it's not a decent version been made yet. There is some awesome custom jobs floating around though. Who ever did the one standing beside Iron Fist. Needs to spend some time with Granny Goodness.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Omega: Thanks for the praise man, appreciate it and glad you got a few laughs out of it.

Yeah, I'm not sure who the "new" Spidey's gonna' be, but it'll probably still be Dr. Octopus. He'll either be completely in Peter's body, or have his mind re-written over Peter's; either way "new" Spidey until it's time for the sequel to Amazing Spider-Man comes out.

I have seen some pretty good Modern Luke custom jobs as well, especially one that copies his look from that one cool Cage MAX mini some years back. But yeah, it's about time to update him in the ML scale, since I think one already exists in the little MU scale.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

i hope Django is as good as it looks in the trailer that i've seen.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Shlomo: Same here man, same here. Although I will say, Tarentino rarely makes a really shitty, terrible movie. And when you consider the cast list, I think it's going to do huge business in the box office.

Dan said...

Lke Cage is probably the one character who I really want to get his own book again. I dont know, I think Cage is probably the only existing character that could get me to pick up a new number 1 issue.

As for Spider-Man, I guess when a new costume no longer creates a buzz a new Spidey is the next best thing ;)

Dale Bagwell said...

@Dan: Pretty much yeah. Well that and implied Spider-rape doesn't hurt right?;)