Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Top 5 songs from: Aladdin Sane

What's up people?

For Today's weekly Top 5 list, I've decided to use a recently reviewed classic from David Bowie. An album that's been regarded as "Ziggy Stardust in America."

Aladdin Sane

This is another of those really hard to pick 5 type of albums, you know, since I don't want you guys thinking I'm throwing myself softballs here.

So 5 it is, and thus my top 5 picks:

5). "Watch That Man"

It's been featured on a few indie movie soundtracks, and is really nice song. No, really. It is;)

4). "Lady Grinning Soul"

Hey I really love this one, and David Bowie really sings the shit out of it. Seriously, the thin white duke had, and still has one hell of a set of pipes! Plus all the instrumental arrangements worked so well on this song, especially the blending of his acoustic guitar playing. And don't forget those beautifully nasty lyrics about  a chick's musky odor, and how she'll but the loving down on you quick. Love it.!

3). "Time"

And here's the song that knock the previous one down to #4, Time.
Really I just attribute that to being kind of bias, since it's been a song I've been listening to quite a bit lately.
Especially since the lyrics, just as in the previous song, are fun and nasty. But who do you know that has compared Time to "A whore who fell wanking to the floor", or the Joker-esque sounding part of the song where goes(to the listener) "You! Are not a victim! You! Just screammmmmmmm from boredom!"

Plus he plays the hell out of that piano, in the typical vaudeville/saloon bar piano-style.

Yep, David Bowie A.k.a. Ziggy Stardust, lady and gentlemen:)

2). "The Prettiest Star"

This is another of those really awesomely sung songs, with Bowie being so hypnotic in painting such a picture with words. This is exactly the type of song that wouldn't sound out of place on Ziggy Stardust, and was once originally written as a single to and about Bowie's good friend at the time "Marc Bolan, A.k.a. T-Rex"
Nice huh?

1). "Jean Genie"

Yeah it's a classic, but this song shouldn't just be judged on that merit along; no, it;s also very catchy, not to mention a true, heavy bit of rock and roll there.
It rocks when it needs to, and grooves when it needs to, making this a top(and most recognized)song from the entire album.

Well that wasn't too bad. I guess Ziggy Stardust or Heroes could be next;)

Quick update on the gift front. Have to send my Jay Garrick figure back to Amazon. I didn't see it initially  but after removing him from the packaging, I noticed the wings from his helmet were missing. And it was really super-noticeable too:(

So poor Jay's gonna' have to go back to the Glue Factory. Poor Bastard:(


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

dude you won't believe this my pops is listening to a David Bowie album right this minute.

Dale Bagwell said...

Nice. Well he has damn good tastes then:)

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