Tuesday, December 18, 2012

"No Tickee, No Laundry"


Ha ha.

I got the "new arrival" yesterday in the mail from one of the five, and a damn good friend, Googum.
Well I was forewarned about his hand being glued on, but as I took him out, the damn thing popped right off. No worries though, as I later dremeled holes in both hand and wrist pieces, inserted a nail and stuck the hand on the nail part. The hand still comes off, so I might ultimately glue it anyways.

Thanks again Goo:)

As for the Robin figure, he, not she, is the Tim Sale version I mentioned last week. He just looks really Asian though. Hmm.


Omega Agent1 said...

Funny as shit man. You pay anyway. HA!

googum said...

Homeless!? Nah, Azrael got a good home going now...even if he is straight-up crazy. Enjoy, man!

Dale Bagwell said...

@Omega: Thanks brother, glad you enjoyed this one. Gotta' love stereotypes sometimes right;)?

@Googum: Technically no, he's not homeless.....unless Bruce finds out about this, and I have a bunch of Bruce/Batman figures, so no mercy there.

Thanks again, and I will:)

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