Thursday, December 27, 2012

"I had a dream today....Oh boy!"

Happy last TGIT of the year people!

And since it's the last Thursday of the year, I figured I'd celebrate by posting a brand new skit. Yeah, I was gonna' save it for Monday, but fuck it. Merry Christmas!

Cue "I'm Bringing sexy back" by Justin Timberlake"

And again:

The ever lovin' End!

Seriously, how I could I not end this week on such a high note like a skit with the Doom Patrol? Love 'em!

And yes, you're not just seeing things. That is a custom Chief I made using the Dark Knight Rises movie Alfred body, and the spare, bearded head from my new Thom Kallor Starman DCUC figure. Awesome huh?
Have a good weekend people...........


Omega Agent1 said...

Ahhhh....that's what's up! Great figure. 4 hours later is a hella of a good frame. That would make a killa Gentleman Ghost illustration or skit :)

Dale Bagwell said...

@Omega: Thanks man. That truly was the easiest custom figure I've ever worked on, if you can call it work. All I needed was those two parts, and that's it.

Now I know he's supposed to have a wheelchair and all, and I'll be on the lookout for one and all. But in the meantime, I'll easily explain that one away in two words.

As for GG, I really wish I had that one. He's cool as hell, with that unique head sculpt situation going on. But yeah, that one pic could've been used as a horror piece, but oh well.

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