Monday, September 10, 2012

Dare to compare

What's up people?

I don't know if you did or not, but if you did, did you catch last night's, or really early monday morning's Robot Chicken DC special?
-No, this scene did not happen at all:(

I liked it myself. Overall it was a pretty good and entertaining show, especially the parts where they made fun of various DC characters, like the GL B'Dg, Firestorm, and a villain I never heard of before called the Banjo Man. Wow, even Johns and the crew of Robot Chicken don't show Firestorm a lot of love. What gives?
That's cool because he got his revenge later on in the show.

I could nit-pick at some parts of the show, but like I said, overall it was pretty funny.

I did have a minor gripe though.

I was watching an interview with Seth Green and Geoff Johns before the special aired, and they were saying how this show's theme was all about Aquaman, and how he'd be getting his groove back.

Well after watching the whole thing, I was thinking to myself, how and exactly when did Aquaman "get his groove back?"

Spoilers, to those who haven't watched yet......

But throughout all the Aquaman jokes, and they were tons of them, never once did I get the impression that Aquaman was redeemed in the eyes of his teammates and the viewers. All he did was was play out the tired old plot point of realizing he was wrong to join the Legion and turn on them, saving the day.

What actually happened is that he's still considered a joke, and he killed Superman....on accident...sort of.

Other than that, great show. I highly, highly recommend You-tubing it if you haven;t already seen it.

Okay, so that's done. And now on to today's skit. Yes, you heard me right, I wrote and completed another skit, so sit back and enjoy.......or not. It's up to you.

Spidey: "Hey man, what's up? I don't think we've really met before have we?"

Blue Beetle: "Yeah, I don't think we have, which is weird since Steve Ditko pretty much created both of us."

Spidey: "Yeah, just don't tell Stan Lee that right?"

Both laugh

Spidey: "So, what are you up to these days?"

Blue Beetle: "Nothing much right now really. Just waiting my turn to be rebooted like the rest of us I guess."

Spidey: "Yeah that's right, that's what's been going over there right now. Still, things could be worse for you right?"

Blue Beetle: "How do you figure? I've had my brains blown out at point blank range by a former friend and boss, who just happened to be ret-conned into a raving mind-controlling maniac, only to be replaced with a more popular Spanish version of myself, but with a cool-looking armor and powers! So how exactly could things get worse again?"

 Spidey: "You got a point there. But at least you didn't have to suffer through a whole clone saga story that drug on for two years, and then had your entire marriage ret-conned away to save a dying aunt. Brrr, I still have nightmares to this very day about that whole clone thing.....and the marriage too of course, but yeah, mostly about the clones."

Blue Beetle: "Yeah, but at least you were married to that hot red-headed model. And you always have the Black Cat on standby for a booty call."

Spidey: "Yeah and she's great and all, but she really is more a fuck buddy than relationship material."

Blue Beetle: "Some fuck buddy. At least you have a hot chick in a cat costume chasing after you. The last time I tried to get some action, I was stuck with Booster Gold's sloppy seconds from some nursing home. Ugh!"

Spidey: "Ha ha! That's fucking terrible, Ha ha!"

Spidey: "On second thought, I think I'll go give Felicia a call and see if she's feeling frisky."

Blue Beetle: "Hey, wait for me!"


Dan said...

Hey it's a bar room catch-up without the beer! Is this place aiming for a 'G' rating now or what? Poor Ted, suckered out for a new Blue Beetle who was going to be spun into a Smallville clone telly series that never was. In hindsight it all seems such a waste.

As for Spidey, you'd think DC would've seen a lesson in One More Day, before they Mephisto wished their entire universe. Oh well. Live and learn I guess!

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

dude! i thought for a moment there you had come up with a mock cover too. anyways, i really liked Beatle's lines in that skit especially about waiting to be rebooted and getting his brains blown out. let me go off topic for just a second and share with you this link i know you will dig:

Dale Bagwell said...

@Dan, Ha ha. No I'm not intentionally aiming for a G rating, especially here @ the House. You should really harass Goo into sending me more beer bottles since I only have one(although I do have a big beer stein) or I'll happily accept any you want to send to me:)

But yeah you're right; they should've been drinking in this one. Good catch.

And yeah you'd think DC would've learned from Marvel's handling of the whole Spidey marriage, but then that
s why Marvel and DC copy each other all the time, thus why you have the new 52 and the Marvel Now initiative. If I didn't know they've been copying each other for years, I'd swear they were doing it to cash in on current New 52 sales.

@Shlomo, I know, isn't that a cool cover? DC commissioned the Robot Chicken crew to make that, and they did an awesome job on that one. If I ever attempted one, it wouldn't be pretty:)
Glad you liked the dialogue though:)

And I'll check out that link too.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

yeah and check this out too:
Heavy Metal isn't just a kind of music we love. and check your friggin email Dale i sent you something from some video i shot on Sunday of Heavy Metal of another kind.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Shlomo, very cool vid of those metal sculptures! Metal men indeed.

Good for the Red Hot Chili Pepper for going ahead and playing Tel Aviv anyways despite the political pressure and harassment bullshit. That just shows what a class act they are. If people would just leave their political views like at home and just enjoy good music, then maybe, just maybe the world could finally get its shit together.

And love the Heavy Metal posting as well. I commented on that, and about that little dick problem you had with a certain "Andrew". I see you have a an admirer, how sweet:)

Maybe one day I'll be blessed with one of my very own...oh wait that's what Dan's for silly me:)
Love ya' Dan~

Omega Agent1 said...

I knew Blue Beetle was simular to Spiderman for some reason. But Ted never had it as good as Peter in the girlfriend department.

Dale Bagwell said...

Yeah That's true. I guess because even though both of them are essentially geeks/nerds, Spider-Man's more of an A-list characters, so yeah, of course he's going to get some tail eventually.

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