Monday, September 24, 2012

"Revenge of Doom Idol"

Nice title huh?
or maybe "Three's Company"?

All credit and respect goes to Googum, as the whole Doom Idol thing is his idea, I'm just borrowing it for a bit.

Thanks Goo!:)

And awayyyyyy we go........

extra scenes:

You know me, I just had to try multiple takes on The Clone's thought caption:)

I think Larry's clone is an imperfect one, in the same way that Bizzaro is an imperfect clone of Superman; minus the extreme psoriasis and bad hair.

So that means, his little clone has got to be either retarded, slightly-retarded, extremely autistic, or both. Either way, this guy is a hot mess, but a funny mess for poor Cliff to deal with for now.

As the story goes, I bought this guy last week while on a figure-hunting trip to Florence( a nearby city 30 miles away from where I live).

Well, after striking out @ my go to place, Toys R Us, I went to the local K-Mart in the hopes that I'd at least find something, anything that would justify my trip. Well, I found the Negative Man variant, and with nothing else really standing out worth getting, decided to nap him.

Looking at him, I was reminded of the review of @, and how the guy reviewing him had managed to unglue the outside mask enough, so that you could see the cool skull face underneath. Knowing my luck, if I tried that, I'd break the damn thing!

Anyhoo, I saw him, and quickly started thinking up skit ideas, like this one. Oh yeah, there will be more. You've been warned:)

I can just imagine the Theme song to  "Three's Company" playing while the above skit happens.

Here, take a listen, and see if you don't agree:

A show like that, but based off my skit, would be akin to DC being able to print money I tell you; fucking gold bricks of that shit!

You're welcome DC:(


googum said...

Oh hell yeah! Would Bizarro Larry be Positive Man? If I had to choose between a fifty-foot-woman and a clone of me for a teammate, I know what I'd pick!

I really have to re-read the Giffen DP: isn't there an issue where Larry is more or less killed, but just tags in a new clone body...and no one really finds that weird?

Dale Bagwell said...

Pretty much yeah. At least how I think it goes. I don't know of Giffen was intentionally leaving the ending ambiguous or what, but if so, he very much exceeded on that one.

Glad you enjoyed the skit man, as I figured if I could entertain and get your approval on this, I knew I was fucking golden:)

Positive Man huh? While that would be the true reverse term for this clone of Larry, I figure it'd be more like retarded and autistic Negative, Negative Man:)

The whole skit reminds me of those old episodes of Newhart, and the Daryl Brothers. You remember right? "Hi my name is Daryl, this is my brother Daryl, and this is my other brother Daryl."


Omega Agent1 said...

lol. Boy you a fool.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Omega, ha ha! Hey I try:) And besides, would you really want it any other way?

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