Thursday, September 20, 2012

"Hair today....."

A skit about hair you say?

Sheer Madness!

And hopefully, sheer hilarity as well.........

The Creeper: "Dude, what the hell's up with your hair!? My, what a big Mohawk you have grandma, ha ha!"

OMAC: "Hey I'm just a product of my time, which just so happens to be the 1970's."

The Creeper: "Yeah, no shit Sherlock! That look's deader than disco and John Travolta's heterosexuality."

OMAC: "Hey, don't hate on the do. It's business in the front, party in the back."

The Creeper: "You didn't just say that. Tell me you didn't just say that? Ha ha!"

The Creeper: "Seriously though, how the hell can you tell which is which? I can't figure out where the party begins and the business side ends, and vice-versa."

OMAC: "Papa Kirby's vision was always misunderstood, so I don't expect you to understand."

The Creeper: "Sure, sure. Whatever helps you sleep at night Mr. T, Ha ha!"

OMAC: "*Sigh*"

Not too bad I think, but I did write this bad boy, so........

Speaking of bad boys, I've recently found a cool new show to watch, as the season of Sons of Anarchy is back on.

I first became aware of the show a few years back, but never really followed up on it, and shame on me for doing that, as this show kicks all kinds of ass!

It's like the Sopranos, but with bikers instead of Mobsters.
Anyhoo, it's good stuff, filled with your daily dose of guns, violence, sex, and more violence. Hmm mm, good!
And if that isn't enticing enough, the show features popular stars like Katie Sagal from Married with children, Jimmy Smits from LA Law and Dexter, and of course, Ron Perelman. You know, that guy from those Hellboy movies? Yeah those people. It's good stuff, and you can check it on FX, Tuesday nights @ 10.

Well that's me.......
Have a good weekend folks:)


Dan said...

Sons of Anarchy and Walking dead are the only non documentary / current affairs shows I flip over from music tv for. It is absolute awesome and highly addictive. I even have the first few series on DVD.

See I knew if you got on the wrong side of Peg Bundy from Married With Children I'd be a bad thing ;D

Dale Bagwell said...

Yeah, I know right Dan? She's a tough broad in this series, and as the previews for future episodes of this series show, she's quite deadly as well. I wonder if she really plans on having her son's new wife killed or what.

Randomnerd said...

My husband watches both of those. He's addicted. I watched the first season of Walking Dead, but kinda got ticked off, and haven't picked it back up.
I keep meaning to watch Sons of Anarchy, it's on the list along with Breaking Bad and Dexter. One of these years I'll actually make good on the list. Hopefully before new stuff comes out, because it really does look good.

googum said...

I bet Omac's rockin' a Brazilian wax...but then the Creeper probably looks like he's smuggling ten yards of Astroturf in his pants. Unpleasant.

Speaking of bad headmeat, I catch Sons of Anarchy on occasion, but if I'm not paying attention, I end up wondering why Hellboy was yelling at Leela from Futurama. That may just be me...

Dale Bagwell said...

@Random, yeah SOA is good stuff, like I said, it's like the Sopranos, but with bikers and wearing gang factions. Love Dexter as well, but I'm so far behind, as I've only watch the first 3 seasons. Need to catch up I know. But how weird is it that Dexter married his on-screen sister in real life, divorced her, but then I hear they might be a couple on the show too? Weird.
Breaking Bad's good, but kind of a mixed bag for me. Some episodes bore me, and others, like the one where that poor kid was killed had me riveted.

@Goo, oh how nice of you to stop by. I was thinking you started to forget where my house was;)

No, that's cute, Hellboy yelling @ Leela. Not as weird as that one Pseudo-Peggy/Al Bundy reunion

AstroTurf huh? You might be right, but by logic the curtain would have to match the drapes, and that's just a scary, fucked up thought all-around:o

Randomnerd said...

Okay. Thanks. Now I can't get that out of my head. Where's the bleach?

Dan said...

yeah we might have too go halfs in the bleach thing Random lol

Dale Bagwell said...

The bleach is for eyes right? Because you'll have to use it on your ears and brain as well:)

Oh and don't forget, if you have any left, sure you can use to clean clothes, but why not use a cap-full to bleach your butt-holes? It'll be clean and pure as snow that's for sure:)

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

i dunno if you have Gladiator figure (Marvel) or not but that would have been a good one to work into your skit. yesterday i was at this shop in Alameda called Toy Safari which sells new but also a ton of vintage collectables. you would have loved that place i tried to take some pictures of their display cases but they weren't well lit enough to give good quality pics. but i was able to find some pf those display cases online check your email.

Dale Bagwell said...

yeah I saw that, and thanks for sending me those. There's not a proper ML Gladiator figure out there, other than the toy biz one, which I never bought for some reason.....

But yeah he'd be a cool suggestion for a sequel though huh? Maybe if I had a spare OMAC, I could customize one.

Omega Agent1 said...

The skit is funny and Sons are for real. This is good tv, and the theme song is fucking outstanding!

Dale Bagwell said...

@Omega, thanks again bro-ham. And yes Sons does kick ass. Loved last night's episode. This season is going to be really fucking awesome.