Sunday, September 16, 2012

"Night Shift"

Because I said I would, and usually always try to keep my word, here's today's brand new skit.


Dr. Midnight: "Owlman."

Owlman: "Dr. Midnight I presume."

Dr. Midnight: "Yeah, like that one never gets old."

Owlman: "Fuck you man....."

Dr. Midnight: "So, I guess we got chosen for the late shift because of our names right?"

Owlman: "Yeah I guess so, the lazy bastards! I mean just because my name is Owlman, they automatically assume I'm a night owl or something that loves working the graveyard shift."

Dr. Midnight: "Hey I hear you. And just because my name's Dr. Midnight doesn't mean I don't like to be in bed by 9pm."

Owlman: "So go to bed then Grampa, I got this one covered."

Dr. Midnight: "No, I'm staying. That's the problem with today's youngsters; they just don't like to stick around and see the job through."

Owlman: "Maybe because back in your day the world looked like it was filmed in black and white, so it's not like anyone had anything else better to do. Ha ha!"

Dr. Midnight: "That's very funny coming from a guy dressed like a college mascot on steroids! What's the matter, Penn State not have an opening?"

Owlman: "That's funny coming from a dumb, blind queer who sounds like Tim Gunn, but looks like Michael Caine's dead grandfather's ass."

Dr. Midnight: "It's come down to gay bashing huh? Now who's being lazy? You know who you are?"

Owlman: "No Jimmy Stewart, tell me who I am?"

Dr. Midnight: "You're nothing more than a spoiled, rich kid,  who also happens to be an amoral asshole with delusions of grandeur, or as I like to call you, Mitt Romney!"

Awkward silence.......

Owlman: "So we're doing political jokes now huh?"

Dr. Midnight: " *Sigh*, sadly yes."

Owlman: "Goddamn, this blog's really starting going to down the toilet!"

Dr. Midnight: "Uh huh."

Speaking of working the night shift, here's a song I haven't heard in awhile, but recently did today on the VH1 Classic channel.

                                          It's the Commodores and their hit "Night Shift"


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

i tell ya when you've got a day job and run a blog it's kinda like having another job that is a fucken night shift. damn i didn't even know there was an Owlman figure out there.

Dale Bagwell said...

Yeah it is isn't it? That's why they're called labours of love am I right?

And hell yeah here's an Owlman figure out. He and his other four fellow Crime Syndicate of Amerika members all came out together in a 5-pack last year.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

in the comics my familiarity with the Owlman character is pretty sparse but i really liked him in the Crisis On Two Earths DC animated movie. at first it was a little hard getting used to James Wood's voice but i got used to it. it's not to say his voice didn't work well for the character but it's like with Samuel L. Jackson doing a voice. how do you not think of him in Pulp Fiction or any other movie where he's yelling?

Dale Bagwell said...

True, but Woods' worked here. Now I'd have a hard time figuring out who'd do just as good a job as Woods as Owlman's voice.

As for getting familar with the CSA, I highly, highly recommend Morrison and Quitely's Earth 2 GN. It spells out at time, the modern version of the CSA and what they stand for. It's really, really worth checking out.

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