Thursday, August 25, 2011

"Why's everybody always picking on me?"

Hey guys,

Well with the threat of Hurricane Irene looming on the East coast, at least for the poor bastards in NC, I figured I'd post another blog.

As a continuation from my last post, we saw Catman and Deadshot break out of prison. They were on the run, and looking to recruit more guys to rebuild the Secret Six. Let's see what they've been up to since.

Oh, and why do they call themselves the Secret Six if everybody knows who they are? Yeah I know technically they can't and probably won't use the Suicide Squad name, but still.....

Those crazy guys! What'll they do next?


David H. said...

shit man i'm sorry to hear about that virus. i had to have my computer's hard drive replaced twice in less then a year's time because of viruses. people who come up with viruses should just be found and executed. no trial or jury just straight to the chair and let em ride the lightening! thanks for the plugs to the Suicide Squad blog by the way and good luck with that hurricane Dale. that's funny how you have Deadshot calling Alex Ross an asshole. asshole or not Ross is one hell of an illustrator.

Dale Bagwell said...

Oh I totally agree w/ you on that Dave! I first started getting on the internet around '95. Since then there's been a shitload of viruses floating around that never used to be there. Those guys who create the viruses should be executed I agree!
That's just a dick thing to do, and for what?

As for Hurricane Irene, I'll be fine, unless the hurricane decides to make a sharp right turn, then I'll be fucked! Otherwise it's everybody north from me that'll need the prayers.

As for Alex Ross, no I don't think he's an asshole myself. But I still don't get why he doesn't like Firestorm so much. I guess you can't like everybody.

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