Tuesday, August 09, 2011

"I dig them Georgia peaches...."

Welcome one and all to the 100th blog post of Mr.Morbid's House of Fun!
I can't believe I actually have had enough interest in doing this long enough to make it to 100, so yeah for me.

Alright, well I came back from my awesome 30th birthday weekend getaway last Saturday night. Heather and I went to Savannah, GA, where we celebrated my birthday in style....oh and I got stung repeatedly by dead jellyfish. That's right I typed that correctly...I was attacked by zombie jellyfish. Well no, not really, but I'll get to that story later.

Our 1st night there, we decided to go on an old-fashioned pub/bar crawl all along the famous River St. For those who don't know what that is, it's basically going from one bar to the next, until you have to call a cab to come get you. Try it some time; it's not too bad! Oh and please drink and drive responsibly.

Anyway, the 1st stop was a sacred site to Heather. Wet Willy's in Savannah,GA was a favorite destination of for her mom, Wendy Milam. They always head there to pick up a drink or two on the way to Tybee Island, so it was nice to stop there and pay homage. Heather drank an Attitude Adjustment while I had a the Sour Apple. Since it was almost 5, we decided have some nachos, and damn we're they good nachos! And no, I'm not just saying that because I was drinking. These were really good nachos with actual total cheese coverage. We then had a beer each, I watched a little Batman:Brave and Bold on tv(weird) and then headed off to the next bar.

That bar was/is called the Shrimp Factory. Hey, no laughing!
In addition to being supposedly haunted(which I didn't know at the time) the Shrimp Factory should also be know for their hard to find/hard to open bathrooms. I swear, it was like trying to find a handle on an outhouse! Okay, maybe it wasn't that bad, but it was harder than it should have been. All that aside, they make a killer Crapdip! It was our 1st real time eating REAL crab meat, so this stuff was a treat. It came with little bread sticks that you could load the crab meat on, which I did, with Tabasco sauce on top as well. Hey, I love my hot sauce!

Next we headed out to some fancy stores, before stopping at a cigar shop. The woman was nice enough to cut my cigar for me, as I picked out a cigar called Moontance by CAO. It was pretty good as cigars go, and seemed to have a certain amount of vanilla flavor to it, so not bad.

We enjoyed some live music, courtesy of a real bluesman playing in the park.
No, not this guy:

More like this guy:

And you know what? He wasn't bad at all. There was also a guy playing the trumpet, who seemed to play with the crowd or passerby's as he would certain tunes or music to go with a certain person; like when he would play a love song for a young couple walking by, or when some soldiers came walking by, he played Dixie.

After that, headed back to Wet Willies for more beers and mixed drinks. This time Heather, appropriately enough ordered a Cab ride home, while I got a Bahama Mama. What? Don't pick on me for liking fruity-flavored drinks. That's just how I roll bitches!
After that, we really did call for a cab ride home, and off we went.
The added bonus of the night, was some chick asking our cab driver where MLK St. was while we were stopped at a traffic light. I laughed because I figured I knew why she was looking for MLK St; Crack baby, Crack!
Ok maybe not, but the odds were probably good that night.

The next day we headed off to Tybee Island. It's 12 miles outside of Savannah, so it's not that far of a ride.
The beaches there are definitely different from SC, FL, or even NC beaches. As Heather explained it to me, they're more like Texas beaches, in that you have so many sand bars, and much of a ways to walk out before reaching the shore. This is really nice place, and I'd go back again, except for one major problem they have; no showers! Every other beach I've been to has one, but for some strange reason, Tybee Island beaches don't. They don't even want you to change your clothes while in the bathroom. How fucked up is that?

Anyway, the real meat of the adventure there occurred not to long after I gladly jumped into the water. Almost immediately, I started to feel a stinging sensation on my leg and crotch area. I just thought it might've been ants or something, and paid it no real attention. Later I definitely got stung under my left arm. So much so, that I could see a welt immediately raise up! This time I was sure it was because of a jellyfish. They apparently have been floating real close to the shore/beach to die, and then their bodies just get washed up on the sand. Well, I did see a couple, but didn't think it was too much to be worried about. I was wrong.
The last time I went into the water, was the last time! I was just swimming around, when all of a sudden I was stung! And that shit hurt too! It felt like I was grabbed by a hot hand that burned me with napalm. I jumped out of the water as fast as I could, holding my leg while trying to get back to Heather. Other fellow beach-goers suggested rubbing sand on the infected area, which I quickly did even I was thinking the whole time "How the hell does sand help a jellyfish sting?" Well it did help, but so does Vinegar or peeing on it, which I couldn't do since I wasn't going back into the water. I went instead to a port-a-potty, and tried to doctor it up there. It's no surprise that after I was stung, many other kids were as well.After that, we quickly packed up and sat at the pavilion. Again, the severe lack of showers to wash the sand from our bodies was a very maddening one. We stayed for an hour or so before heading off to go eat somewhere. We found a hole in the wall called CoCo's Sunset Grille.
This was actually a nice place just hang out and drink a beer while you wait to go on the dolphin tour. Which we did.  CoCo's had a very nice bartender, and some really good food. We ordered surprise, surprise, nachos, but these were really good because they were Blackened chicken nachos! After a 2 pitchers of beer, and amidst the threat of severe rain, Heather and I got to go on Captain Mike's famous dolphin tour!
The tour lasted for an hour, but I had a hard time enjoying the ride since I had to pee so bad! We did some dolphins though, as well as an old, famous lighthouse.

Did I mention how bad I had to pee? Well right when we're about to dock, out comes this little girl, from a small bathroom located right in front of me. Yeah, it was just one of those days. My advice; don't drink a lot of beer before going on an hour-long ride. You're bladder will thank you.

All in all, I had a hell of a good time, and I'd call this trip the best birthday bash I've had yet.

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