Wednesday, August 17, 2011

When is enough, enough?

If by some chance you've decided to read this edition of my almost daily blog posts, I feel I should warn you. This is a serious post concerning the most recent in a relentless and continous stream of child deaths.
So if you're looking for something comic or wrestling, or even amusing-related, feel free to skip this one.

I just learned this morning that the little 3 year-old Mexican girl, that has been missing since Aug 6th was found. Well, her body at least. In yet another case of a cruel and pointless killing, young Breeann Rodriguez's body was found in a trash bag floating in a river near her home in Senath, MO. According to the police, her neighbor, a man named Shawn Morgan confessed to suffocating her with a pillow. The kicker of it all is he's a father of 3 who helped the community look for little Breeann. I don't know what kind of a sick fuck kills a little defenseless little kid, but they deserve to die in the most harshest and extreme possible way imaginable.
I feel very much so for her parents, and will definitely say a prayer for them.

As I said earlier, this is just the latest in a long line of child deaths by homicide this year.

Who can forget poor 8 year-old Leiby Kletzky, who was killed and dismembered by Levi Aron, a fellow Jew who all lived in the mostly all-Jewish community in Brooklyn, NY? Leiby's only crime was walking alone to his home from summer camp, when he got lost and stopped for directions from Aron. Aron then took him and after 2 days, drugged and strangled him, and then cut up his body. I can't even imagine how that community feels knowing that one of their own did such a disgusting and vile thing. I feel even worse for the parents, who must surely be wracked with guilt and regret over allowing him to walk home by himself.

Of course who can't forget little Caylee Anthony? What did she do that was so wrong that she deserved to be killed and dumped in a swamp not too far from her home? Sure her mom(and universally hated) Casey Anthony was cleared of her death, but we all know she did it. She simply drugged her poor child one too many times so she could go out and party, and accidentally killed her. Case closed.

Police still haven't found Brittanee Drexel, who went missing from Myrtle Beach, SC around April of '09.

Or what about Kyron Horman? He's been missing since June of last year. I have a hunch his step-mother and her friend killed him and buried/hid his body somewhere good since there was at least 30-45 minutes that both of them couldn't account for which would've given them plenty of time to bury him.

There's more, but you see my point. The world we live in is a very scary and unsafe place for children. Sure it's just as rough for us adults, but kids, what do kids do to deserve being killed off like has been happening lately?
I believe in God, but I still sit and wonder why the hell he would ever allow for innocent kids to be abducted and killed.  Church goers would tell you God has a plan for everything in life. Well what's his plan say about this? Where does such injustice like this fit in his grand plan? I don't know, and I highly doubt they could tell you also.

Enough is enough. I don't know how to change what's already happening or already happened, other than for parents to drill into their children's heads like mine did, not to go with strangers and never walk home or anywhere alone.
Maybe Stacy Duggard wouldn't have been picked up if she was with a group of kids that day. What if Leiby Klutzky had a friend or 2 with on his way home? Would he not have been killed?

And then there's the deaths we don't know about. The countless attrocities that don't make it on the daily news. We may not know about them, but that doesn't make them any less tragic.

Idk, but I do know I wish this would all stop. These senseless killings are too damn much!
I know there's no such thing as real superheroes w/ super-powers, and if they were, sure maybe we'd all have to live in a reality where the universe is doomed to be destroyed every week, and time undone on a constant basis. But I dare say maybe that world would be just a little safer for our children than this one is.


David H. said...

well i couldn't agree with you more Dale and i'm glad to see your comments section up n' running again. now i'm not trying to give my blog a plug but it so happens that i posted a while back about this very topic. if you haven't seen this posting yet you should right away cause it deals with the Secret Six and how they dispense justice to those who prey on children.

Dale Bagwell said...

I did actually read that one, and I wish to god they were individuals that were around to do such a thing to this sick fucks. Sure that's a touchy legal issue altogether, and I'm not advocating wholesale slaughter here, but enough is enough! The legal system/law is a mess, and yes it's still vital to follow it or else we'd really live in a world of chaos and anarchy, but it's time the law was more harsher when it comes to handing out punishment to child killers/rapists. If I had the money, I'd advocate hiring a real-life Deadshot/Catman pair to do the same thing to every child-killer around.

On a less serious note, love the profile pic you have. Idk where you found the image, but it rocks!

David H. said...

i used to work as a graphic designer and i have photoshop and a scanner at home so i can make up pretty much anything i can think of. i'm kinda like Green Lantern when in comes to digital art. for example the mast head on my SS blog is photoshoped from borrowed clip and so is most of the stuff along the right hand column. both of my blogs feature a lot of customized art work which i like cuz it makes them more unique.
my profile pic which i just changed not too long ago was in inspired by Magneto in X-Men first class (obviously) and a line i love that Daniel Craig had in the movie Munich. so it was a simple matter to find the Mag. image on the internet and type set around it and presto i have my latest profile pic. you may have noticed that many of my postings and customized digital art work reflects my politics.

Dale Bagwell said...

Well my friend, you are indeed an artist. I respect the graphic designer thing, since I went to the local career center for 2 years for just that. I had tons of fun, but wish I had the programs nowadays to continue on that path.

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