Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"Down with the sickness"

Well folks, thanks to a virus or bunch of viruses I had a hand in inadvertently setting free to reign havoc on my computer, I'll more than likely have to cancel the internet. This means I won't be posting regularly for awhile, if not even longer. Don't worry though, as I plan on hitting up my local library for internet access time. This means I'll still be making the rounds, commenting on other blogs, like Googum, Dan, and David H's.

This seems to come at a time when I've been gradually losing interest in this blog thing anyway. I've felt the need to constantly post a new blog every day wane, and so this all comes at about the right time I guess.

I'll leave this blog up so the rest of you people out there can see it, and continue to be fascinated by the Hump Day post. Seriously, I read the stats, and you guys are blowing this blog up on just that post alone! Get a life you guys! HA!

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