Friday, August 12, 2011

I'm going Batty

If you've been following the news online, you'd discover that there now has been the 1st ever case of a person dying from a Vampire Bat's bite. Yeah, freaky huh?
According to the news, a 19 year-old migrant worker from Mexico was bitten and later died from the bite.

Yeah I know it's not entirely funny, especially considering someone actually died. But damn man!

Damn nature, you scary!

I wonder if they have the bat in custody?
if not, how are the police going to find it?

I imagine the suspect list looks a little something like this:

I'd hate to have their job; all that paperwork and long hours. That would just suck.

Oddly enough, I myself have had some run-ins with bats. I've had on at least 4 separate occasions, encountered a single bat in my house. I'm just glad I or Heather weren't bite. I don't know what's scarier: Being bite or having to get the multiple series of rabies shots. Yeah rabies shots!

Also, yesterday on the local news, there was a story about a family that had 100 bats living in the attic. 100!
What's this world coming to?

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