Monday, August 22, 2011

"Tonight's there gonna' be a jailbreak...."

Just a quick one today folks.
Recently visited Wal-mart and was surprised to see DCUC Wave 18's Samurai figure amidst some Wave 14 peg-warmers like Zatanna, Kamandi, and Tyr. I was really deadset against him, but up close, he looks pretty damn good!
Then I went to K-Mart and saw Sodom Yat. I was really surprised, and would have gotten him, but then I saw Catman from the new Batman Legacy line. I was truly surprised that my local K- Mart would even think about carrying this line. Well, I got him, so know the Secret Six has 2 full members, well 2 and half if you count having Bane's right arm.

So with that in mind, here's my new humble sketch:

Free shout-out and plug for David H's site, Subject: The Suicide Squad. It's got all the info you'd want and more, so feel free to check it out.


googum said...

Man, Catman better hope Simone uses him in Batgirl or Firestorms: she built him back up, it'd be a shame if some other writer wrecks him again. Good work!

Dan said...

Nice one mate - glad to see commenting is back on your blog, I couldn't find the link the last few days!!

Dale Bagwell said...

-Goo, thanks man. Yeah I agree w/ you about how DC will hopefully continue to treat Catman with the respect that Gail gave him. But this is DC/Didio we're talking about, so cross your fingers and say a little prayer for the man w/ a mystical cat costume!

-On a related note, when purchasing Catman, the cashier looked at the package and asked "Who's this? I thought the name said Catwoman. Is this Batman?" I swear that's what she actually said to me.

-Dan, thanks for the kind words. I didn't know there was problems finding my link. I wonder what happened. I guess you should just keeping plugging away anyways, and fell free to continue leaving comments whenever.

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