Monday, August 15, 2011

Who's in the mood for a quickie?

Another weekend survived, so I can't complain.

Here's some random bits of info that caught my attention:

WWE pro-wrestler CM Punk is not a big fan of Grant Morrison.
Here's what he had to say in relation to who his favorite superhero is, and why  he doesn't read his monthly adventures:
I’m a huge Batman fan. Unfortunately I can’t read a lot of the Batman comics that come out because they’re written by Grant Morrison and I’m not a huge Grant Morrison guy, I read comics based on who’s writing,  I know that’s not really a populist view but it’s the only thing I can tolerate right now, my favourite comic book writer… nobody asked but I’m going to tell you anyway… is Ed Brubaker.

I find this very interesting since CM Punk is very intelligent and articulate person, who's straight edge and seems well-read. I would have figured since Grant Morrison is the type of writer who makes the reader think, he would have been up Punk's alley, but no go.
Instead he prefers the stylings of Ed Brubaker, who really isn't too shabby himself.
Thanks to for breaking this story.

Speaking of Morrison, DC Comic's online blog reported that over the weekend, NPR had a sit-down interview w/ Grant. Here's what the synopsis had to say about that:
"If you missed it over the weekend, Grant Morrison had a great interview with NPR’s show, All Things Considered.
Head on over to NPR to listen to the full interview and hear Grant talk about how he got into the industry, what inspires him as a writer, the fundamental differences between Batman and Superman, and the cultural relevancy of comic books. While there, also be sure to check out an exclusive image from ACTION COMICS #1, in stores September 7th."

Speaking of wrestling, I recently found out that Adam Jones, guitarist of Tool,(yes Tool) performed the national anthem during last night's WWE Summerslam PPV. I didn't even know he had even been considered to sing the national anthem much less actually do it. I'd like to know whether or not if the band wanted to do this or just have a band member represent them. It would have been fucking sick if the entire band performed the anthem, as I have a hard time visualizing how that would sound. I'd imagine it'd be as mind-blowing as when Jimi Hendrix performed the "Star Spangled Banner" at Woodstock, with the people in attendance wondering WTF just happened.

And finally,

It appears that over 700 people have petitioned the popular kid's show,  Sesame Street, to allow Bert and Ernie to in a gay marriage. What!?
Listen people it's like this: Officially they're just good friends, and for the benefit of our kids and future generations yet to discover the show, let them stay that way.
Unofficially, sure they might be gay, but what's the rush into having them get married? Haven't they just enjoyed living together for what, over 40 years. Why make 'em get married?

I just don't get the fascination of certain people/peoples to have to label everything; we're all created different, but with with same rights as everyone else. Why do always have to label things? Are we as a society that threatened by uncertainty?

While they're nothing wrong with gays wanting to get married, let's just leave puppets and animals alone okay? No need to complicate their lives like we do our own.
I hope the people behind Sesame Street don't bow to this ridiculous petition, and just leave well enough alone.


David H. said...

in real life i don't really care who gets married or not. if you've ever watched Jerry Springer then you know plenty of hetero couples have already fouled up the institution of marriage. but that petition was a real stupid idea cause that's exactly the sort of thing that validates those who feel like there is a "gay agenda" being pushed on the everyone else. believe me as someone who lives in the San Francisco area i know plenty of gay folks and homophobes alike.

Dale Bagwell said...

Really, how stupid is that whole thing? They're puppets, not people, what's more to discuss?

I hope the kids aren't made aware of this or else they will really be confused by this whole thing.

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