Monday, March 14, 2011

The Prodigal son returns...

Wow! I haven't posted on this blog in 4 years! Why you ask? Well to be honest, I simply lost interest and then forgot all about this thing. But don't worry because daddy's back, and he's got a few things he wants to talk about. In the meantime, here's some pictures I took of my humble DCUC/DC Direct Figure collection, as well as some other...let's say suggestive and crazy pics of the few Wrestling figures I have and leave it at that okay?

Also I'll start up a Top Ten list of favorite writers and artists, especially those best associated with certain characters they're best known or working on. Just a reminder, these are my opininons, and mine alone!
Feel free to comment, but nothing too harsh or vulgar please! I do have an image to uphold and all.....HA!

Top Ten Batman Writers:(these are listed in no particular order)
1).Denny O'Neil
2).Marv Wolfman

3).Doug Monench
4).Bob Haney

5).Grant Morrison

6).Brian Azzarlello
7).Steve Englehart

8).Paul Dini/Bruce Timm

9).Jeph Loeb

10).Chuck Dixon
Other good choices:

Alan Moore(But hasn't written too many Batman stories), Alan Grant, Greg Rucka, Jim Starlin,Mike W.Barr, Mark Waid, Bob Kane and Bill Finger(of course), and Archie Goodwin.
Feel free to list others I may have forgotten.

And now on to the shameless display of my personal DC figure collection.......

And now for those wrestling pics I promised:

Can you smell what the Rock's, uh, eatin?
Hope you're not too scarred. More next time.

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