Thursday, January 04, 2007

"Iron Captain vs. Man America"
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Look closely at this very cover, because it's the very reason for this post, as well as today's main subject.

Last night, as I was in a Green state of mind, I was reading one of my favorite hardcover books by Les Daniels, and his 50-year introspective of the history of Marvel Comics. While flipping through the book, I became transfixed on the cover to Tales of Suspense#59. Now historically this is an important issue. It features Captain America and Iron Man together in single title for the 1st time, as well as making the former horror title, a full-blown superhero mag.

Anyways I got to thinking about the current Marvel epic Civil War, when all of a sudden I had a drug-induced epiphany! The names on the cover should be switched around, and be read as Iron Captain and Man America. The reason for this is was simple to me; As pretains to Civil War, Captain America represents man, his ideals and the old ways of doing things, thus he is Man America. Iron man is the Iron Captain, who represents technology and the future of man/machinekind. His ideals speak to forward to the future. This is especially true now that man is increasingly becoming overly-dependent on technology, but at the same time, making man or the man-power of old, obsolete. Iron Man is the Iron Captain, representative of the csaptain of industries and and the voices of technology who now rule American and rich-world societies.
Civil War isn't just about Cap vs. Iron Man, or Pro-reg vs. Anti-reg, no it also represents old vs. new, especially the old ways of doing things and ideals vs. the ideals of progression and modern society.
Heavy stuff, I know, but that's what I was thinking about.
To top it all off, my fiancee' was also high, but saw into my mind when I was transfixed on that particular page, seemingly knowing what I was doing re-arranging the letters of the title page.
Weird stuff indeed.

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