Friday, March 18, 2011

A cold day in hell...

                                    TGIF Motha truckas!

Hope you survived St.Pat's.  Yesterday's project was a major pain for me, as I still have a hard time coordinating how to post pics on here and such.  So plese bear with me as I work out the numerous kinks. I've been diligently working on future topics, so expect some hopefully funny new ones.

Here's the continuation on the Guy and Cap BBQ series. Guy hired Captain Cold of all people, to come by and keep the beer cold. 'Cause you know, no one likes cold beer. Except for  Asians, but I digress. Now you might be asking "Why the hell would Captain Cold help out Guy Gardner? Aren't they technically enemies?" And you'd be right, but seeing as how we're all affected by this horrible economy, people tend to do things they wouldn't normally do in order to get a little extra cash flow going. So with that in mind, I give you the conclusion and an interesting aside to Guy and Cap's BBQ. Enjoy.

Sheesh! Hard times for everyone indeed! But hey, it's not like Captain Cold would sweat Chris Hansen if he ever found himself on that Dateline show. I figure he'd either freeze Hansen and leave, or he'd have his good 'ole buddy and fellow Rogue Mirror Master transport him out of there via some mirror sitting around. Still though, could you imagine how that one would go?

Cold walks in with a six-pack and maybe a movie. I don't know, maybe one of the dozens of Ice Age movies out there, and then all of a sudden....

"Hello. I'm Chris Hansen from Dateline. Where you supposed to meet MileyFan69 tonight?"

Cold: "Oh shit! Uh, no, no, I think I have the wrong house. This isn't Miley Cyrus' secret home away from home?
Dammit Trickster, I'm gonna' kill you for this! She said she was 18. She's 18 right?  Ugh"

Seriously folks, we all know Cold's not like that. He pays for sex with hookers instead. Just like Geoff Johns wrote in that Captain Cold spotlight issue. #182 I believe.  After all, if he flipped out on Mirror Master for liking the china white, then there's no way he'd go for underage sex.  You know, because he maybe a criminal, but he's got a moral code.

Tune in Monday, where I attempt to discuss why Alex Ross hates Firestorm so much.

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