Friday, March 25, 2011

Honey quick, you're favorite show's on!

It's almost that time again in tv land; may sweeps is right around the corner, ready to put your favorite shows to bed untill the fall season. No doubt you'll soon be looking forward to the upcoming cliffhangers and surprises that'll wrap up this seasons' shows, or close the book on those shows that didn't make it. One of these shows I'm looking forward to seeing wrapped up is The Office. For those who have been following the show lately, you already know that Steve Carrell is leaving after this season. And if you watched last night's episode, you now know why story-wise. I won't spoil it, but I'm happy he's leaving this way, as it seems to all flow organically and not at all forced or show-horned in. With that said, I wish Steve Carrell good luck in his future endeavors and all of the good, but still mediocre movies he'll go on to make. I myself think the 40 year-old Virgin is the exception though. Anyway I don't know if the show will continue on without Carrell, and in my opinion, it shouldn't. I think they've told all the funny and interesting stories they're going to tell and they should end the show and go out on top. But since I'm not in charge, it's not like anyone cares what I think right?

So what new shows should NBC or other networks plan to develop for the fall season? Howabout more shows about superheroes? Yeah I know, we should all be sick of them by now, and for the most part that's true. Heroes ended badly, The Cape was cancelled, and yet another disasterous show in the form of David E. Kelley's Wonder Woman is yet to grace our presence. My suggestion?  What about these shows:



                                                                                              and finally

I'll have new posts monday and tuesday, but not wednesday or the rest of the week. I'll be in VA with my fiancee' Heather, as we celebrate our 10-year anniversary together. I can't wait!!!!!   Try not to miss me too much. Ha!

So you then.

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